Monday, 29 September 2014

It's been ages since I have blogged.

I have so much news but let's see how much I can catch up with in one little post. First the little bits of mommy pride:
  • A and her drama buddies did us proud and score another A+ at the yearly Eistedfodd. They did a dramatization of Nicky Daly's Yebo Jamela.
  • A achieved the highest merit that you can last week. I am super proud of her.
  • C got a special little merit for reading fluent English (second language). He surprised even his mom.
  • L surprised me at his Playball showcase with how well he plays soccer. Who knew? He was also quite cool with hockey. 
On the social front we had the school's big yearly festival, a weekend away with friends to the bushveld, two little boys' 7th birthday and birthday party, a family wedding and a morning learning about butterflies. But let me show you bits of two events:
This "robot wrestling" item was a big hit with the older boys. Mine were too short and it was a huge disappointment for Mr L

This guy (Armand the singing cowboy) is and ok singer but boy, is his horse fantastic! Great great dressage.
We only attended the afternoon leg of the event and left for the bushveld to spend a lovely weekend with friends. What I loved most was that the kids had the freedom of the farm on their bikes - they could ride for hours on the dirt roads.
Of course the bushveld sunsets are stunning
Hunter made the most fantastic curry pot for the grown ups (the front one) and beef potjie for the rest. With homemade potbrood (bread in a black pot)
I also had great fun with the kids, the camera (on B mode) and some glowsticks, finger lights, light swords etc.

And lets not forget the magic of a campfire until late into the night.
It was indeed a great weekend.


  1. What a busy time you have had. Loving all the photos. Silly question I know.... but what is B mode? Shutter speed?

    1. It is "open shutter" - you press the button in and keep it in. The shutter stays open as long as you have our finger on it - when you release the shutter close and the photo is taken. The B stands for "Bulb"

  2. Looks amazing. Glow sticks are a GREAT source of entertainment in our home.


  3. Beautiful! It looks like a stunning place.

  4. ooohh how yummy does that potjie look :))

    Ja this time of year just shifts gear a bit and plunges full speed to the holidays!

  5. Well done mama!!! The kids doing great is a big sign of mommy and daddy's hard work!!!

    The glow sticks picture is stunning


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