Wednesday, 14 January 2015

When you really want to go to the Spur for your birthday but they are not allowed to sing to you.

These are no 5 shoes!
So a certain Princess had her tenth birthday on Sunday. Gosh 10! Double digits. Fair and square a pre teen. I love so much about our daughter - she is a passionate animal lover, has the greatest heart for those less fortunate and will always fight for the underdog. She always try to find the beauty in anyone and everything.

But I can see that she is finding herself a bit in the "neither fish nor flesh" category. For Christmas her biggest wish was a Barbie - as she herself said, most probably her last Barbie and she had very specific requirements for her. She loved her and played a lot with her Barbies - with both her 6 year old cousin and totally on her own. I love that she still plays with her Barbies because some of the girls her year are really starting to loose every little bit of what makes a little girl. I am quite happy for her to be on the less mature side of all this.

For her birthday however she had the very special request of "a proper Swatch watch" and she knew exactly which one she wanted. She did not mind that all the family contributed to make this dream come true. I know she will look well after it.

She also still wanted to go to the Spur for her birthday lunch (a chain of kiddy friendly restaurants) but asked us very specifically not to tell them it's her birthday so that, heaven forbids, they come with sparklers to sing for her.

So I guess we are warming up to what may be more challenging years - I am hoping that she will stay as sweet and kind as she is through all this.

Happy birthday sweet girlchild. Love you to the moon and back.


  1. Aww. Happy Birthday to your lovely A! :)
    My Meg went so quickly from 10 to 12 and the emotional and physical changes that have occurred at the same time have me catching my breath every so often. You hear this so often and it seems so trite to say but it couldn't be more true: They grow up in the blink of an eye!

  2. Tell A she has good taste - I also wear Swatch watches :)

    Happy birthday to her!

    And I get the no singing - I also would do without it, no matter my age!

    1. This is one of those new electronic ones.

  3. Happy birthday A. You can be proud of this exceptional girl xx

  4. Happy birthday to your sweet princess!

  5. Happy BDay! So sweet about the Spur birthday! ;-)

  6. Happy happy A!

    Kiara still loves her Barbies too. She spends ages playing with them - I love it.

  7. Happy birthday sweet girl. I hope that my girls are still playing with dolls at 10 (and older!)

  8. Love the specific requests :)
    Happy double digit birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday little girl. I remember the embarrassment of having people sing to you, although it is a thrill when you are little.

  10. Happy Birthday A! Hope you had an amazing one and welcome to the "no singing birthday at spur club". Congrats mom, sounds like she's still your little girl :)

  11. I can't type much on this topic, as it might send me into too contemplative a mood just before bed...but I know just what you mean about the brink of growing up. Of course my A&B are 4 years behind your A, but I just treasure how they still nurture their baby dolls and still delight in bedtime stories. I know it won't last forever...trying to savor it all while we can. :)

    Wishing the happiest of birthdays to your A!!!

  12. A girl after my own heart. She knows what she wants


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