Friday, 13 March 2015

Yesterday was a great day - for competition wins.

Yesterday morning I picked up a parcel posted to me by Kim Mari with two of the "Saurus street" books that I won on her blog  My Boys Hood  .I just knew at first sight that the boys would love them. But I will post reviews soon as C is already almost half way into one of them.

Less than an hour later a Mr Price parcel was delivered to our offices. I won a gift voucher on Lindsay's  blog What happened to my body? (one of the Cape Town meetup vouchers) and really did not expect the delivery so soon. It was my first experience with Mr Price's online shop. I let the kids each choose a winter item on Wednesday morning on the iPad and "bag it" - we were ready for school early so we spent the time waiting doing this. I placed the order at the office at 9:23 - and added a tanktini on sale for A at R29,99. I really did not expect it to be delivered, very neatly packaged at 10:25 the very next day - almost to the minute 25 hours! Way to go Mr Price - fantastic service. I will definitely use the site again.

The kids all loved the items they chose and I think it was almost like magic to them for it to arrive so soon and that they loved to do their own online shopping. I had to add a few rands to get a warm something for 3 but still great value for money. Let me show you what they chose:

L's hoodie - he loves hoodies
C's sweater top - it has a C on.
A's denim jacket - stunning and well cut
The R30 tanktini - a great fit and buy


  1. Wow, what a treat to win two prizes. Your kids scored big time! :)

  2. that is life. Teach them from a young age that they can get just about anything online.

  3. Awesome prizes! Congrats :)

  4. What a fun day, congratulations on your wins. Look forward to the book reviews

  5. Such gorgeous things from Mr Price! May order some myself soon...


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