Tuesday, 22 September 2015

It's world rhino day

I have written so many times about rhinos and the fight for their survival. Today is another reminder that however small our contributions every bit helps. Every year we loose more and more of these wonderful creatures. And easy way to contribute - go to Stop rhino poaching.

Did you know that rhinos?
1.  have poor eyesight, but very well-developed senses of olfaction (smell) and hearing.
2.  are the second largest land mammal.
3.  skin maybe thick but it can be quite sensitive to sunburns and insect bites which is why they like wallow so much – when the mud dries it acts as protection from the sunburns and insects.

When last have you seen a rhino in the wild? Do you want your grandchildren to have the same privilege?

For those who want to wear the message - Keedo has awesome Rhino T'shirt for the smaller boys and we found this at Mr Price sport for the girls.


  1. I can't say that I've ever seen one in the wild but would love to one day.

    PS: I never knew about their skin being that sensitive.

  2. beautiful rhinos

  3. I hope that we will be celebrating these magnificent creatures for many years to come!
    Sara Essop www.inafricaandbeyond.com

  4. The Rhino's are the first animals you see when going to the Kragga Kamma Game Park, which is only 5 minutes up the road. Sadly though they have had their horns sawn off in hopes of preventing the poaching. It's sad to see such a beautiful animal that has had to be "disfigured" in hopes of keeping it alive.
    People are so mean and greedy. No thought for the wonderful life

  5. At the mention of rhinos, I always think of you and your amazing pictures. We sure would love to see them in person one day! They are magnificent!


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