Wednesday, 23 September 2015

School birthdays

When I started thinking about celebrating the boys' birthdays at school I had a Whatsapp chat with both teachers. From grade 1 on there is not much time to celebrate and they basically sing, eat a cupcake and that's the end of it. I asked them if I should bring just cupcakes or a bit of sweets and a cupcake. The one replied that just a cupcake please (limit the sugar) and the other said that I could just as well leave the cupcakes because the kids are so tired of cupcakes they throw away half of them - and just send some sweeties. I then asked the first teacher specifically about cupcakes and got the same sort of reply. Then I suggested ice cream and both teachers replied extremely positive.

Boy were the ice creams a hit! It is a hot and rather casual day just before the long weekend so it went down really well. Add to it that the kids are wearing Springbok attire today to and you have a  very festive little event. I was lucky that both teachers immediately asked me what timing I would prefer, knowing that there is another twin in another class that has a celebration too. So I could be with both as their friends sang to them and they handed out the ice creams. Even the headmaster got one as he walked past where Mr C's class was busy celebrating.

It was by far the easiest (and I may add rather cost effective as I bought it at the factory shop) festivity in a while.

So what do you do about school celebrations?


  1. Clever! Must remember this for next birthday! :)

  2. Congrats on Mr. C and Mr. L's birthday. Wishing them many blessings :)

    Twice as Nice was my favourite ice cream as a child. I had no idea it was still around. Will be going to the ice cream shop to get my box. I haven't thought about ice creams before and it's a brilliant idea.

    1. I never had it before but I have to say they are really great.

  3. Yes, we had those in PE :) (so many things I've found are regional - I asked a lady at a bakery the other day if they had apple doughnuts and she looked at me like I was crazy. In PE you can get an apple doughnut anywhere)

    GREAT idea!!!

    Happy birthday C and L :)

  4. Great treat for the kids to celebrate a birthday at school! Especially in this heat 😊

  5. Happy Birthday to your boys! I love the ice cream idea. I had a friend in primary school whose mom used to bring boxes of ice lollies and sell them out of her car after school. I think I'll see if I can find those again and send those for my kids' birthdays... 😊

  6. Hi, that is such a clever idea! Will need to keep it mind for my eldest next year. :)
    Happy birthday to your boys!

  7. I have tried expensive cake pops but the most popular birthday was doughnuts from Food Lovers Market! I think the cost was R60 for 30 fresh doughnuts!


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