Friday, 11 September 2015

The groove - I need to get back my groove.

 This morning I have a little Simon and Garfunkel tune turning in my head:

"Slow down, you move too fast.
You got to make the morning last.
Just kicking down the cobble stones.
Looking for fun and feelin' groovy."
More of this - a delightful hour on a cold and rainy day at the gym. Just playing. No practicing.

I have become the mom I really do not want to be. I need to let go of always being stressed. Of always rushing even if it is not really needed. Of letting the usual day to day little mishaps get to me. Letting the daily little stresses - missing hairnets and lost erasers get to me. Of stressing that kids be in bed before a certain time and live for the fun of the extra 10 minutes of laughter. Slow down the pace a bit. I need to stop the shouting most of all. Maybe I need to just burst out in song sometimes and "Let it go!". I need to slow down and feel the groove for a while.

It has been a busy and tough term - and it's always so difficult to keep the balance of good discipline and manners while leaving the gap to have fun and live a little - not just go through the actions of living. Enjoy being in the moment. Enjoy my family for who they are.

It has to continue not just today or this weekend -I need to change the way I mom. Without losing the  discipline we have worked so hard to install. I need it for our family but possibly more even for myself. I hate being the shouting mom.

I need the great mommy groove back.


  1. Well, I couldn't resist, so I googled and am listening to YouTube right now :) LOVE IT - thanks for that!

    R, you're going through a busy time. You are still that mom underneath the current stress. The fact that you recognise the shouty mom isn't who you want to be is a good thing.

    Hope this weekend is a good one and you get to do more of the unwinding than you have been.

    PS Tonight I said to D, soooooo this weekend we have NOTHING on. YAY! (I'm finishing this study if it kills me!!!!)

  2. I know that feeling so well! Recently, I have simply stopped fighting at all. I know it's not a sane or even a workable long term solution but right now, I'm just too exhausted to keep shouting and fighting. So I'm just not doing it.

  3. My latest motto is ~ One life, live it. My husband also said (five minutes ago) that we must enjoy the pleasures of life. He is right. No point stressing over the small stuff. :)

  4. I can totally relate to this. I need to MAKE time for what is important and somehow get out of "rush" mode xx

  5. I so identify with you, it's a constant challenge for me to stop and take a breath. Rush and fluster has become my norm

    1. Exactly Sula - I do not want fluseter to be my norm any more

  6. We all do ;-) Don't be too hard on yourself!

  7. I totally relate to this post and I don't even have kids of "proper" school going ages yet! I feel like I am burning out and I cannot focus properly on anything really... as a result everything suffers.

    Trying to get one's groove back is exhausting!


  8. Yup, I can relate. I think we all go through phases of shouty, and then phases of calm. Don't beat yourself up, you're still one super mommy xxx

  9. I wish I can say as I got older, I became calmer... but I haven't. I want things just so. The little things drive me insane. When I post my born from my heart daughter Kyla's interview you will understand 😁

  10. Argh this is me too!!! Told myself the other day to just slow down and enjoy my kids at this age... it goes by so quickly!


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