Wednesday, 9 December 2015

"Don't just stick it. Bostik it"

We all know that little tagline don't we! Well Bostik has added another one: "Smart adhesives" -  because , let's face it, their adhesives are exactly that - smart. They also have a new little brand hero, Gary the Gecko. Geckos are renowned for their remarkable bonding abilities that allow them to cling to just about every surface, run up polished glass and support their entire body weight on a single toe.  Just look at the beautiful new branding featuring Gary.

We received a lovely blog drop from them a while ago and as a mom of 3 kids I was immediately excited about this! All the glue - do you have any idea how many glue sticks I buy a year for 3 kids? The kids on the other hand was really excited about  one particular product - the new very cool Rainbow twisters. The 6 were immediately shared to two each and proudly taken to school to show all. They were the first cool kids with these. 
 The last few weeks have been totally crazy and I had an idea in my mind to do a little craft with the glitter glue we received which I hid away as my kids love glitter glue and it would have long been used for whatever if I did not hide it. So with the kids informally on holiday since Monday I brought out the glue and we made a little Christmas craft.

What you need:
Bostik glue stick
Bostik glitter glue
2 Heart shaped doillies per child
1 Cardboard sheet per child

Position the doillies two on top of each other to form a Christmas tree. Stick with the glue stick. Make a pot and decorate your tree with the glitter glue. Allow to dry. Use as a card for grandparents or as a decoration on the wall.
How cute is this?
Thanks to Bostik! We really enjoyed doing this.


  1. Oooh. I love stationery, but don't do much with it besides collect it :o

  2. Envious of this blog drop...such lovely things!


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