Friday, 26 February 2016

Five for Friday - edition 2

So this 5 for Friday thing is working very well for me - so in today's edition:

1. So my trusty old iPad was stolen out of my handbag on Tuesday afternoon - just when I reached a great part of the book I was busy reading on it. I am angry and sad.

2. I had the most wonderful friendly service from the Brooklyn Police station where a female constable with perfect make up, tidy plait hair and impeccable nails helped me. She went the extra mile.

3. However I can not say the same about Mweb  - my service provide on the iPad who still up to today can not confirm if they have blocked the sim card and the iPad after numerous emails and calls.

4. I have decided to try swimming as exercise - the whole family swims. After I almost died yesterday I have immense respect for my family - especially Hunter and A that swim that 50 meter pool over and over again twice a week. I may have to get lessons at some stage but for now I am just trying to get a bit of fitness going in the water.

5. My MIL is visiting - the first time in years and after my FIL passed away. I just love having her here - and seeing the joy the kids have in sharing their usual activities with her. She attended L's cricket on Wednesday night- this morning he mentioned again that she watched him play cricket. I wonder if we always realized how important this is for both the grandchildren and the grandparents - to share some day to day things. I am so glad we have the chance.


  1. Boo to the ipad stuff. Yay you for getting some fitness going. And I'm so glad your littles are enjoying the visit with ouma.

  2. Oh my word, where and how was it stolen? I'm so sorry!

    And yay for MIL - please tell her I said hi, and to enjoy the time up here. How long is she staying?

  3. Blegh on the I-pad, how did that happen?
    Love swimming, it's mindless going up and down, I used to get lost in it

  4. So sorry about the iPad. Congrats on starting with the swimming! Great to hear that you are enjoying your MIL's visit!

  5. Sorry my friend, I hate it when that crap happens. It's such an inconvenience... but on a brighter side, it takes only a woman to notice how another woman's nails look in a time like this, hahaha.

  6. Swimming is hard work - to keep everything going and still remember to breathe!!!

  7. So glad to hear that OUma is visiting...saw some piccies and she and the kidlets are looking very happy.

  8. Hope Mweb has sorted out the issue now. Sorry about the theft of your iPad and yay for
    Good service


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