Monday, 9 May 2016

Being a mom

A few years ago my jacket pockets were always full of bit of feathers, rocks and acorns. It was Miss A - if I did not wear the jacket soon enough there may even have been a sea shell or two. She was a collector of nature finds of note and moms pockets and bags were always handy. A few years ago at a ladies breakfast I won a prize for the oddest find in your handbag - in my case a Hotwheels car that Mr L dumped in it and was forgotten about. A lot has changed - but not so much. This was the find in my denim jacket pocket on Thursday morning - thanks to Mr C:
And this is what being a mom is all about - not so? Little bits of them are always with you - maybe not in your jacket pockets but right here, in your heart - your whole being. I love my 3 little souls - each so totally different. Each growing up in their own way and direction. Therefore Mothersday is always special - not just for the gifts and the treats, but for sharing a day with them. Even if it meant spending some of it on  a big clean out of the boys' room - which this morning was so totally worth it seeing the end result again.

I had a great Mothersday - totally. I was extremely spoiled with gifts, breakfast in bed, handmade cards and love. My heart is filled to the brim with all the love. And the fact that thanks to our au pair the boys both knew their speeches to heart for today and we merely had to run through it with them and add some final touches. Always reality folks - the little things that truly bring joy. I love every little note and gift - but I have to say that the Jenna Clifford bracelet is absolutely stunning - with three little roses - one for each of my little ones.

Thanks to Hunter - the instigator and financier of this huge spoil.

I hope your day was filled with love too.


  1. Ah lovely that's special.

  2. Glad you had such a lovely day! It was a good one for clearing out :)

  3. Glad you had a great day.

  4. Glad you had a good mother's day. I understand about the bits and pieces. I have all sorts of things in my bag and car pockets. However, I too have a tendency of picking up odd bits of rock and feathers too.

    1. A loves it - it's a bit less now that she is older. And now C has started with rocks - just rocks, but he loves them. Inspired his dad to buy a book about it on Saturday and is now busy studying them


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