Tuesday, 10 May 2016

it's Tuesday - and booksday!

I have had an exceptionally good reading month and since my last post on the 26th of April I have completed 3 books - a total wow for me about half a month. Let me share them:
The Silver Star by Jeanette Walls

Liz and Bean Holladay has the misfortune to be the daughters of a very flaky and irresponsible mom. They are however both very bright and resourceful girls. This is also where any comparison with Jeannette Wall's brilliant memoir "The Glass Castle" ends. Some of the girls in our bookclub felt that the story was too much the same type of story as in the Glass Castle. I however feel that their story is unique and features wonderful family to strengthen their arms an support them in life. I loved the wonderful descriptions of the town and it's people during the integration years. It is rich with symbols and a really good story. I truly enjoyed it. 7,5/10 on my scale

One Hundred Days of Happiness by Fautso Brizzi

Lucio Battistini - water polo coach and personal trainer learns that he has about a hundred days left to live. All the time talking to himself and trying to absolve himself for his womanizing habits he makes one resolution - he is going to get his beautiful wife that he clearly loves, Paola , to forgive him. Follow him as he lightheartedly talks about the choices he makes for his last 100 days, things he learns and discovers that we may miss so often. Resounding a bit with "Me before you" and " The Universe vs Alex Woods" I still enjoyed it for it's unique humoristic look into the decisions this impossible situation forces him into. A truly lovely read - I laughed and I cried and could not put it down. 8/10

Zululand Gold by Ian Tennet

After reading Zululand Snow, the first of Ian Tenent's books in the YA series I was keen to read Zululand Gold. I was not disappointed for one second. The book features our by now well know three friends and add a character or two. I love the area of Cape Vidal and all the folk lore and history stories interwoven in this tale of adventure. I also love the rather unusual characters that Tennet introduce in every one of his stories. Fast paced and a great read I definitely recommend it to anyone that loves a good story. I am sure my two boys would love his books in a year or two and I wish Ian will write a few more in the series for us all to enjoy. I am sure Craig has many historical tales to follow. 8,5/10 as a Young adult book
Disclaimer - I was given this book free of charge to review - my opinion however is 100% honest.


  1. Is one hundred days of happiness a true story? Sounds like something I would enjoy. I've never read an Ian Tennent

    Ps: how are you able to read so many books

    1. Compared to Marcia I read very little though! Nope, its fiction but well worth the read

    2. Ha! Reading is my favourite thing to do by far. Blogging inched in there for a while (when people engaged like in the old days) but now I'm back to reading.

      I read TWO books this weekend! No blogging but only reading :)

    3. I love that you read so much. I of course never blog over the weekends


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