Friday, 22 July 2016

Five for Friday edition 13

1. Remember the cauliflower shrubs that did not want to make heads? Lo and behold just before I thought to take them out we have one tiny head and a second plant seems to be on his way to make one. You learn every day...

2. Third term started with a BANG! Monday morning at 6:15am A had hockey skills test, followed by cricket trails for C and hockey trails for A on Tuesday afternoon. And this afternoon C is playing his first proper cricket match for the school. He looks super charming in all that white. A has also in the first week back at school written two maths and one science assessments. And there is a History one on Monday.

3. On Wednesday afternoon Saving the Survivors visited the Voortrekkers for the term opening. It was incredibly interesting to hear the survivor stories and those tiny little rhinos are the sweetest little things possible. The very famous Hope, the rhino that lost most of the top of her face in a poaching incident is their PR rhino and was saved by them. It was magic to see the progress on her healing. Please "like" their Facebook page in the link and support them. They (and many others) do amazing work.

4. I have without realizing it read so many Afrikaans books in the last while that I am planning to do a complete Afrikaans book review post on Tuesday. I used to read very little Afrikaans but there is an explosion of good crime/thriller writers in Afrikaans with the usual great writers. and I just had to read some of them. I promise and English book (or maybe two) the week after. But if you read Afrikaans I suggest visiting on Tuesday.

5.I received my stunning prize that I won on the relaunch of Bird & Design. Every item is a joy and I love the items she designed herself to bits. This has certainly made my weekend - much much joy! There are so many things in that box that I totally adore....Thanks you Andrea - I am beyond thrilled and it feels as if it was specifically designed just for me.

I hope you have a great weekend - care to share your 5 for Friday? Here or on your blog?


  1. Yay for great prizes, and books. Gosh the third term certainly sounds busy. Here's my Five for Friday

  2. Your prize looks stunning. Cliff has planted cauliflower seeds which are coming up, my big problem with cauliflower and broccoli is that they attract aphids in gazillions

  3. My favorite day of the year ;) ;)

    I did a 7.22km (yes intentional) to go pick up hubby's car rather than take a taxi. Went for a massage - divine. Went to the salon for the first time in almost 2 years. Most overpriced visit that shall not be happening again anytime soon. Late lunch date with a friend and her kids and then church for a ladies event. And that was my 5 for Friday


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