Monday, 18 July 2016

Movie time

We go to the movies a lot - a result of our Discovery Vitality membership as the kids really movie for free most of the day and we at a great discount. We have also trained the kids not to expect a full combo of refreshments at the movies - and they understand that we can see as many as their age allows if we stick to this. So we share popcorn, only get drinks or sometimes skip the whole lot. But we enjoy our movies to the full. We have seen all 3 the kids movies available these holidays and I thought I will give you a run down on them.

I saw the movie with the kids in the second week of the holiday. Firstly it is incredibly beautifully animated mixing live subject with super realistic animation. Secondly the tale is stunningly told - not 100% as per the book but close enough to satisfy a Rolad Dahl fan like me. I thoroughly enjoyed it as did the kids. The scary parts however are very scary and I think a child under about 6 might find it overwhelming. The funny parts are some of the funniest I have ever seen - gosh, that scene in the palace is hilarious!
The kids gave it a unanimous 10/10 and as to enjoyment for adults - I give it a well deserved 10/10 too.

ICE age 
The kids saw this one with our Au Pair during the last week. The general feeling was that it was very funny indeed and quite entertaining. A did mention that the bit of the little guy with his acorn is getting a bit too much but that is purely a personal opinion.
The kids gave it a 9/10 (two of them) and a 10/10 from Mr C. Out Au pair gave it a 8/10 for adult entertainment value.

Finding Dory
We  saw the movie yesterday for a last little holiday treat. We all really enjoyed it but it is not "Finding Nemo" - but still a great adventure. I loved Destiny - a great character added with her friend Bailey and it is in the end still a great Disney/Pixar movie with all the elements we expect.
The kids gave it a 10/10 (A) 9/10 C and 8/10 (L). I give it a good 9/10 for adult entertainment value.

We had a little discussion in the car on our way home yesterday afternoon and the kids all give the BFG as their favorite with two of them voting for Finding Dory in the second place and one for Ice Age in the second place. For me there is really no contest - the BFG is a MUST SEE (as The Little Prince was) for adults - even if you do not have kids. Just go - it is stunning and simply beautiful. I would really love to see it again.

I hope this helps for your movie selection with the kids - please tell me which ones did you see or are planning to see.


  1. I took Kade to see Ice Age - he loved it, and so did I. I thought it was funny and the squirrel part was cleverly put into the movie so he got more screen time.

    I have not seen the other two - am dying to watch BFG but am not keen on Dory at all actually.

  2. I love the BFG! one of the best movie's I have seen in a long time and I cant wait to buy the DVD and watch it again!

  3. I have been wanting to watch the BFG because I am such a Roald Dahl fan. However, I did not think that HB could watch it, because his other movies were not suitable for very little ones.
    I think we may do Dory because I can see the appeal for little ones. Thanks for the very useful update.

  4. We watched Finding Dory this holiday and I thought it was very good. Not quite Finding Nemo but good none the less. Hank the Octopus was greats.
    I was wondering about the BFG. Saw the ad and I was interested.
    I agree with your kids about Scratch and his acorn. It is getting a bit much.
    Going to the cinema, just us 3 costs about R300 but that is with snacks. Having just one kid we can afford to splurge a bit :-)

    1. Hank is super cool! The kids loved him.I can not stress more how absolutely beautiful the BFG is

  5. Totally agree! The BFG is the best!

  6. I soooo want to see the BFG! Interested that your children loved Finding Dory, I had heard that it was not good.


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