Monday, 4 July 2016

Perfect moments

Sometimes life gifts you with a perfect moment - a moment when all that is ugly in the world disappears for a while, a moment where you feel at peace and where your whole being sighs in joy. Pure pure happiness! I had one of those on Monday afternoon as we stood on the beach at Sanlameer in perfect weather - just our little family together after a very excited drive down to the coast. I had a few more over the following few days. It was a great break.

It still feels almost unreal - our wonderful 5 days at the coast. I have forgotten how great the weather is this time of the year. You actually escape the Winter for just a few days. But we are all a little happier now, breathe a little deeper and feel that we had a rest and some time for each other. 


  1. I love this post so much. I can feel your soul breathe :)

  2. Nothing like the sea air and sound of waves :-)

  3. So glad you had a lovely break. I'm off to have a break from winter and visit family this Sat, can't wait

  4. Sounds like a lovely break...I miss the coast.

    1. I would love to live at the coast

  5. I envy you... You deserved it mommy.

  6. So glad you had a good getaway!

  7. I love the photos. Family time in the open air is simply the best!

  8. We just had some great time at the beach in the far northeast. It was cool and crisp (in contrast to extreme heat here at home), and the people were lovely. It was such a great break for us, too...from work, for me especially.

    We had stayed away from the news, too, which was also a welcome break. Lots of challenges going on here these days. I know there always are...but the most recent tragedies are hard-hitting.

    Love your beach picture! Makes me want to turn around and go back! :)


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