Friday, 20 January 2017

Five for Friday edition 26

1. Well we are all back to school and back to work and it's been busy - athletics colours sport done (so proud that all 3 our kids tried at least two items). The Princess has one athletic meet done - presenting the school in discus. Who would think that tall and skinny one does discus. However she seems to enjoy it a lot. Today is colours gala and C is swimming for the first time. I am so proud that he made this decision and is pushing through (I hope)

2. I am trying new recipes this year - 3 down so far of which one was really not great and the other two (both past based) winners. I have promised some Instagram peeps the recipes and will do so soon.

3. I am enjoying our veggie patch a lot - we have monster radishes lurking there but the carrots and cocktail tomatoes are doing extremely well too. I have just planted new salad plants.

4. The kids all seem to be coping of sorts with the new school year. C is very tired of that huge new backpack and L of the new homework load but I am sure it will all sort out in the next week or two. We seem to have found a wonderful new au pair - but I am planning to write a whole post about au pairs. this year it took a lot of interviews and I think some of you may be able to learn something from my experience.

5.Do you know that Monoply, everybody's favorite board game is thinking of booting our favorite tokens? That includes Scottie the dog - my personal favorite! Just as with the Mzansi version we as the public are getting a chance to vote for this.

You have until the 31st of January, to visit and choose the eight tokens that you’d like to see in the next generation of the MONOPOLY game.  You can pick eight tokens, once per day, from the list of more than 50 contenders including the current tokens and new options such as a penguin, rubber ducky and bunny slipper.  

So please vote for Scottie and save him! I did!

With that I hope you have a great weekend! What's your 5 for Friday?


  1. Love those vegetables. I wish we had a bigger garden, but maybe it is just a lazy excuse?
    I also voted today for the Monopoly tokens. Scottie was one of them!

  2. Pasta looks great. We desperately trying to find a solution to Fjord's heavy bag, I'm so worried about long term damage. It's insane that every school book has to be carried every day.

  3. Ooh I'm intrigued by the recipes! I'm wanting to up my game a bit in the kitchen. Megan xx

  4. Enjoy the recipes. The Frugal Girl is doing a new recipe every week too. I know myself and that's just not going to happen; it's all I can do to COOK! :)

    PS bring your bujo with you on Friday :)

  5. Wow those radishes are amazing! I really miss my veggie garden.


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