Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Tuesday - books day. The Satanic Mechanic by Sally Andrew

I absolutely loved Sally Andrew's first Tannie Maria book "Recipes for Love and Murder". It was an absolute joy to read and apart from the great plot it was the people, food and places that really sparked the joy in me. I have a huge love for the Karoo, it's people and it's food. I immediately had the urge to read another Tannie Maria book - which I only managed in December but was it a worth the wait? Totally!

In the second Tannie Maria mystery Sally Andrews brings us back all our favorites from the previous book. Some just get a mention but others are once again the main or supporting characters. Oh the joy of finding the familiar in another page turner! The stunning recipes also return and once again I constantly felt hungry while reading the book. I am planning to bake her Venus cake this weekend.

This book however delves a bit deeper into Tannie Maria's past and the reasons why she handled some issues as she did in the first book - and once again in this book. The theme of the abuse of woman on many levels are highlighted even stronger and a lot of the story line touch base on abuse in all forms and how it affects the abused and those around them. However the tone stays in the light hearted off handed manner in which Andrews writes and Tannie Maria speaks and thinks.

To add to it all the plot in this book is interwoven with many stories and characters and the guilty party was a total surprise for me. Sally Andrew was my new English writer discovery of 2016 and I literally am keeping an eye on her website every day to find out when the next Tannie Maria book will be available.

By now most of you know I do have a bit of a thing about covers - I do feel it adds so much to a book if a cover is well designed and I have been know to buy books simply because the design appeals. I also for instance put off reading "I am Pilgrim" because I found the cover so uninspiring. I adore the Tannie Maria covers though - well designed, strong graphics and with a bit of a retro feel which is totally how I picture Tannie Maria in my mind.

A truly unique voice in South African English fiction this is one of my best reads for 2016. 10/10 and a must read. (Have a look here on her website for an extract from the first book and yo may get an idea of the way she tells a story)


  1. ’n Heerlike resensie wat my nou goed nuuskierig het!

  2. I have to go and fetch my book I ordered from Leserskring - thanks for the review! 😃

  3. I bought Recipes for Love and Murder after seeing your review. I haven't gotten to reading it as yet, but may have to bump it up on my to read list after reading this post.

  4. The Title being a line from a Rocky Horror song has me sold. Sadly I've just started Helen Zille's book and I think it's going to have me tied up for a while


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