Thursday, 29 May 2008

Enough now already!

Could somebody somewhere please make the bad luck goblin disappear and send over the good luck fairy?

Little man L was released from hospital on Sunday on the boy's 8 monthaversary. He seems to be doing really well. That's about it in the good news department.

Remember about my stolen mobile? It transpires that the insurance (at the mobile company) did not update the serial number of the new phone they send to me in February and their contract states that I must make sure that they update this. So, no claim. Oh and I really, really loved that phone. Maybe I liked it too much, that's why it was taken from me. It was a top of the range Nokia with build- in GPS. So I resolved to use our spare old phone. And guess what, after a weeks use it just stopped working - I took it to the shop to check the battery, but no luck. Now I had to buy a new very entry level Nokia as I really don't have the money at present to replace my phone (top of the range mobiles are expensive here as are cars - very very expensive). Even this cost me a stack of money - a third of the month's grocery bill. So, I signed a contract for my mom for airtime for her (as a gift) and with her permission will be using the free phone that came with the deal. Basic, but a Nokia and thus reliable.

My cold is somewhat better, but I woke up at 3:30 this morning itching all over. I have big red allergy spots all over my body - the cause will probably remain a mystery. I can not think of anything strange I might have eaten, drank or came in touch with. But this is how I have been my whole life - allergic to all sorts of weird and also very normal things. So off to the doctor - not sure what she will be able to give me as medication ( because of the breastfeeding).

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