Friday, 30 May 2008

Just the best news!

At 6:30 this morning, Dubai time, I became an aunt! Little Madeleine was born after 7 hours of labour and mom and baby are doing excellent. This is such super news!

My brother and sister in law have had a huge struggle with infertility and have finally, successfully made it to the other side. I am so happy for them! It must be the best feeling in the world to hold your new born baby. We will see her in November when they come for a visit to South Africa. I can not wait to hold that little body.

Just this morning as I was feeding The Boys I had this bitter sweet feeling that I will never have a baby as big as they are right now, right here, at this very moment ever again. As The Boys are growing every day, the little bodies become bigger and stronger and they are not the tiny little babies they used to be. I just love the way they snuggle into you when you feed them, especially when they are still sleepy or on their way to fall asleep. This will also end soon. As I enjoy every moment of progress they make, I feel sad for the phase that have passed. I guess that is just part of being a mom.


  1. Congratulations Auntie. Can't wait to see some photos of the little bundle

  2. Congratulations!
    XXOO Debi
    ps I know exactly what you mean. I LOVE watching my children grow, but it is so bittersweet.


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