Monday, 2 June 2008

Fun filled weekend

At 8 months The Boys are both sitting unsupported for long periods of time, C a little more steady than L. They both have one tooth and C has learned how to hold his own bottle. They have added prunes, baby marrows and oats porridge to their diet. They really enjoy tummy time and spend hours on their tummies playing with toys and rolling around. They are really sleeping well and C even replaces his own pacifier at night if he wakes up.

We spend Sunday at A's school's Family Fun Market Day. This is a yearly event which gives parents the chance to meet each other and spend some time with the teachers and the kids in a pleasant environment. It is also a fundraiser (this year we achieved a record high yeah!) and a chance to expose the kids to entrepreneurship. The smaller kids art is used to make items to sell, the slightly bigger ones like A makes craft items to sell like play dough, wrapping paper, fridge magnets etc. The grade 00 and R kids have to help at the stalls to sell stuff and also made craft items. Off course, the parents also helps out and the school also rents out stall space to local craft people and rent rides for the event. We had excellent weather - sunny and warm, one almost can not believe it is winter.
A loved the mechanical swings - the higher the better. Will have this kid at the bungi jumping by age 12!
Also loved the more sedate rides.

Our little princess - loves everything girly.
A loved the Tombola stall where you catch a "fish" - a playing card and then get the gift attached to the matching card. She was allowed to fish 3 times and on her third try got the Disney princesses watch that she wanted all along.


  1. I love all the photos! You've got a gorgeous family Cat!


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