Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Zippidy doo dah, zippidy hey, my oh my what a wonderful day!

Slept a solid 7 hours last night. Am brand new shiny and happy person. Really!
I've struck a deal with the nanny last week to sleep over with The Boys for two nights of the week to give us a gap for some serious sleep. We have both morphed into sleep deprived monsters and something had to give - a silly fight at 5 in the morning as to who is the most exhausted did it for us. I wanted to get a night nurse but our nanny offered to do this in stead as she would love the extra money and frankly, I don't think she trusts anyone else with "her" kids. So, every Tuesday night and every second Thursday night she comes back to our home after night school and we have the night "off". Every alternative week she will stay after work on a Friday to babysit and sleep over which means we have a date night every second week. Great stuff!

So, immediately we set off an Friday night to see "The kite runner". I've just finished reading the book so I expected to have a lot of little items bothering me in the movie. I don't know if it is just the fact that I haven't been to the movies in ages, or that it is really a spectacularly good movie, but I enjoyed it tremendously.

Saturday was a busy busy day. We attended our church's bazaar the morning. Not so sure how to explain what a "bazaar" is, but it is a mixture of a bake sale, jumble sale etc. to raise funds. And can you believe it, we bumped into 3 other pairs of twins. We had a lovely English breakfast, some "Boerie rolls" (South- African speciality sausage on a roll), bought some "Vetkoek" - dough baked in oil and stuffed with mince, syrup, cheese etc to freeze and eat later, pancakes (like French crepes, not American pancakes and served with cinnamon and sugar). TheLittle Miss got a small allowance to spend and I helped her pick sweets, meringues for gran for Mother's day, stickers and candyfloss.

After that it was off to her swimming lesson and the to the highlight of my weekend - jip, I'm back in the saddle again! I used to ride before we got pregnant with A but never started again. Now, with the support of the lovely hubby ( he arranged everything as as surprise), I can enjoy one of my absolute favourite activities. The best Mother's day present ever. We will only go when we have the time, but I will enjoy every moment. I used to ride dressage, but am now only picking up the basics again. It is amazing how your body remembers what to do. I am beyond words to express my feelings regarding this. And H was so stunning - kept saying afterwards how great I've looked on the horse and how he saw an improvement in my whole being after this. It was also great to ride on my old friend Maluti For those that are wondering - he is an indigenous South- African breed, a Nooitgedachter horse. Known for their great and even temperament ( a bit like a Labrador if you catch my drift - loving but with spirit added for variety) and hardy disposition.

Sunday was a great Mother's day. A. made a chocolate heart inside a card at school and was so proud to give it to me. Sorry, no photos as she immediately proceeded to eat it and stuff bits into my mouth. H. gave me a great new book to read (sorry guys, no great read to share - in my mother tongue) and The Boys gave me some "Sally Williams Nougat" - I know this is exported to the UK, USA and Canada but not sure where to buy it. If you can find it, buy it immediately and retreat to you inner sanctum so as not to be forced to pass with the tiniest morsel! It's the best.
A. and I went to pick up my mom as she is sick at present and H. made a lovely meal with chicken and lamb in the Weber (kettle barbecue) with veggies. All and all a great day.

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  1. Sounds like you had an absolutely LOVELY weekend!
    Loved your description of Mother's day! It just sounded so wonderful & I am now off to search how I can find those nougats! LOL
    ps Well done getting back "in the saddle"!!!


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