Monday, 23 June 2008

Mom's progress

So Friday night was quite an experience. My mom went into the theatre at 6 pm and when the anaesthesiologist called me in at 8:15 I was quite worried. My mom was having breathing difficulties and the doc wanted to know if I think she could possibly be having an anxiety attack. Big yes! After injecting some tranquilisers her breathing became regular and she calmed almost immediately but kept believing that she was busy dying. We managed to help her calm down ( with the help of excellent nursing staff) and she could not believe it when the doc told her later that there is nothing wrong with her lungs and the whole drama was due to stress. The operation itself was a huge success and completely uneventful (so the eye specialist says - she can not use the eye yet). By 9:15 we left the hospital and had a nice dinner at Cafe 41 - an old favourite from our pre-kid days. The rest of the weekend was really busy - but somehow my memory card reader is not working - I will post more once I have the photos.

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  1. Glad to hear she came through the surgery ok and that nothing was wrong with her lungs... Hopefully she is healing well.


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