Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Sleeping babes

So Debi has a great idea - sharing sleeping baby pictures. Here are The Boys - all of 3 days old having the snooze of their lives under the cozy lights - both with jaundice.
I just had to include this picture of little L.


  1. ADORABLE photos....sooo sweet!

  2. Oh my! Aren't they adorable!!!!! Such little sweet babies!
    Thanks so much for playing along!
    :) Debi

  3. So VERY cute!! How long did they stay in the hosp?

  4. They went home with me later that same day although C. came home with a billy bed for the jaundice. My first baby, A had to stay 2 days longer in hospital (although she was born at 3,45 kg and 38 weeks) as she had severe jaundice.

  5. Too cute.. I'm loving the eye protection.. My kids had jaundice too, but they never got the eye coverings.. All we got were constant visits back to the dr every other day for Forever (weeks and weeks and weeks in my sons case) so thier feet could be stabbed, and so I could take a screaming baby back home with me with instructions to let them get a sun tan.. (The "tanning bed" complete with complimentary "glasses" seems like the better idea..)


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