Friday, 15 August 2008

5 Things Friday...

I know I sometimes complain about the complicated life I live, but I am truly in love with my kids. So, for today's 5 Things....

5 Things my kids do that I just love...
1. The Little Miss clambering into our bed early in the morning and snuggling close to me for some cuddling and love.
2. Her yelps of joy when I arrive home in the afternoon, rushing to me and giving me a huge hug.
3. The Boys calling in baby lingo with excited voices to me when I arrive home and huge grins when they see me.
4. The way Little man C puts out his arms for you to pick him up when you walk past him, and his subsequent clapping of the hands if you pick him up.
5. Little man L is a charmer of note - he melts the hearts of all and sunder with his shy little smile and accompanying flutter of the endlessly long eyelashes.

So what about telling me the 5 things you love about your kids.


  1. 1. Cameron's sense of style
    2. Emmy's laugh
    3. Jack's many expressions
    4. How much the girls love their baby brother
    5. All 3 are cuddlers

    Such a nice post idea, Cat!!

  2. Hi Cat
    Great post! We copied you and linked you on our post.

    5 Things our kids do that we love:

    1. The way they give each other hugs and kisses for night-night.

    2. The way Max eats crackers with a fork.

    3. The way Julia can push her own hair out of her face.

    4. The way they love dogs so much (they always wave and say hi when they see a dog).

    5. The way Max gobbles up his cookies while Julia savors hers.

  3. The first thing you note I think is most popular in the world. When our little son clambering into morning bed we like too. So cute and sweety. But now he grown up (11 y.) and we doing another impressive thing - triple kiss - me, my wife and son. ((:


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