Thursday, 14 August 2008

There is a sticky hairy monster in my house!

I have just realised that today, in 6 weeks time, the boys will be one year old! Wow, how does time fly!

Firstly , I am exhausted! This week has just been crazy. On Monday my mom could not fetch A from school, so I had to run in lunch time.Tuesday was Little man L's PT ( he seems to be doing really well), yesterday was Little man C at the paediatrician ( he has middle ear infection) and today it is again fetching The Little Miss at school. So, no lunch break that actually translates to a break this week. Add to that the fact that we are not sleeping well with two sick babies and that the alarm went off at 5 this morning waking up A and no sleep after that! And that in general, I am struggling to fit all into my life, including L's PT every afternoon after work, cooking etc. Yeah, my crazy life. I fall down on the couch after all the kiddos are in bed, too exhausted to watch anything - I am even missing the Olympics. But I will NOT miss the dressage today and on the 18th.

Enough of the negative. The Little Miss loves to scribble and "draw" for hours. But never anything recognisable. On Sunday I tried to get her to draw herself and she only scratched a blot of paper. Last night it was like something just "clicked" First she produced a sticky (not stinky, she was quite specific) hairy monster - complete with feet, teeth, hair and eyes. And added her initial to the drawing - her "name" as she calls it.
Then came "Mister golden sun".

A "ballet girl (check the nose, ballet shoes and tutu!)

And lastly "Daddy"No arms yet and 3 legs for daddy - but it is a start. I love the way she does noses in profile. And at least daddy has less fearsome looking teeth.


  1. daddy is a very handsome man! lol
    All of the art work is so cute! Great job!

  2. ooh - what a nice budding artist! I love how specific she gets with the names of the artwork :)

  3. So cute...Looks like you've got yourself a budding (prolific) artist!


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