Friday, 5 September 2008

5 Things Friday...

Gosh, it has been really crazy in my little corner of the world. I am two weeks behind on weekend reports, with another looming ahead.

But I have great news! Little man L is mobile! Thank God! He is sliding and leopard crawling since yesterday and is already speeding up fast. He seems to be supporting some weight on his hips, so the physio has really been working. I would be delighted if he crawls before his birthday. Please pray for that.

Not much time to spend now, so 5 things that has been keeping me very busy this week:

1. I have a terrible terrible cold and as I am still breastfeeding, not much I can do about it. I feel like crap.

2. The Boys have a stomach bug, or that is what I suspect - they are ok during the day, but have a little midnight puking session, sometimes involving just one, sometimes both. Little man L has been for a weighing session at the nurse practitioner, and he has once again slipped on his growth curve. I am very worried about him. She is talking about testing enzymes etc if he slips any further.

3. Both the puppies are sick with kennel cough - they sound terrible and we had two visits to the vet this week. Another one looming if madame B does not improve today.

4. Work has been super hectic - 3 days on site this week and one afternoon off because I felt so crappy - my work is way behind.

5. I am rushing around with preparations for our week long holiday, coming up on the 13th - the Minivan had to get a tow bar fitted ( we have a trailor for all the extra stuff), I bought windowsox for it and as it is just the start of summer weather there is lots to sort out and buy for the kiddies. I am also short on summer clothes as I did not buy much last year, being on maternity leave for the first part of summer. I am also doing preparations for The Boys' first birthday party - just a small affair with the family, but still some planning involved. Check out the invite (names removed):

So, how has your week been?


  1. I understand the crazy week...we've been sick stinks!

    Love, love, love the boys invite...its so cute. did you make that yourself?

  2. What are windowsox?

    And HAVE been busy!!

    YEAH for Little man L!! That's awesome :) :) (the crawling part, anyway)

    You're in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. I hope you start feeling better very soon. Sending prayer out for you little man.


  4. Love the invite! I hope you get a chance to get caught up this weekend and have a great holiday!!!

  5. That is one heck of a busy week. I need to get away from that. I am sorry that you are sick. I am sending feel good vibes your way.
    That is an awesome invitation. Good for you.

  6. Just a week that makes you want to say, URGHHHHH!!!! I hope everyone starts feeling better real soon; just focus on the vacation!!

    Love the cute~ I'm sure it's bittersweet for you seeing how far they've come in just one short year!!

  7. I LOVE THAT INVITE! It's precious! SOO CUTE! SOO SORRY that everyone is sick over there. YUCKY! I DO NOT deal well with puke. Hope the babies get to feeling better soon! YOU TOO, take some vitamins and get some rest. O yes, and the poor puppies too! Kennell cough is yucky! Can you get them vaccinated for that? We can get them vaccines for that here...

    Hope your week gets better. Goodness, doesn't time fly by?

  8. Sorry to hear ya'll have been so under the weather and busy. Makes it doubly miserable. I think it's time to call for BACKUP!!!


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