Monday, 22 September 2008

Back from our break!

I'm back! And thanks for all your lovely wishes. I have just caught up reading every body's blogs - very few comment left as I had a lot of catching up to do. We had a lovely holiday - but more about that tomorrow (if I get a chance).

Currently I am writing to you from a leaderless country - no president in residence and no surety as to who will step in to be acting president as the vice-president is a Mbeki loyalist. It could be the Speaker of Parliament. Any of these two options will leave us with a woman for president! But a big shake-up nevertheless as more resignations from ministers are expected. But the general climate in the country seems calm and dignified.

I leave you with a little teaser of the holiday pics to come.


  1. No, you can't just leave us with a teaser pic. I want to see them ALL.

    I'm so glad that things are calmn & dignified despite there being no leader. Hopefully with this big shake-up will come many positive changes for your country.

  2. welcome back! i can't wait to hear about your trip and see more pics!

    keep us posted on your new leader, i hope all stays calm and dignified in the meantime!

  3. So cute. I can't wait to here all about it.

  4. I'll keep S. Africa in my prayers as you transition to a new president as well. Makes it hard when there is so much uncertainty. A woman would be interesting and how awesome is that? You'll be ahead of the US! Glad you're home safe and sound from your holiday.

  5. Hope you and your family had a lovely holiday!

  6. Welcome back!! Very cute picture...can't wait to hear more about your vacation.

  7. Welcome back!!! You were missed; can't wait to hear about your holiday!

  8. OMGosh! What a great photo of all three kiddies!

    Welcome back from your vacation! I can't wait to hear the details and see some wonderful pictures :)

    ps How interesting with your government! WOW!


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