Thursday, 25 September 2008

Happy birthday my sweet little men!

I can not believe The Boys are already a year old today! Wow - we have survived! We have been a family in survival mode for a year and I think we are steadily breaking through it into a more relaxed state. The holiday was testimony to that fact.

We had a little party with the family yesterday to celebrate and as the 24th of September is a public holiday in South Africa we had a nice turnout. It is heritage day, but also national braai day - so what did we do for the boy's birthday, we had a braai off course! Boerwors (spicy beef sausage), porksisters (marinated pork twisted like hairbraids) and sosaties (bief and lamb kebabs). And for desert - birthday cake and koeksisters (this one is extra difficult to explain - think doughnut dough, twisted like a braid, deep fried till crispy and dumped into a sugar syrup). The Boys each had their own little "1" cake in their colour.

The Little miss blowing out the birthday candles.

Daddy and little man L.

Mommy and little man C.

The Boys had their first taste of cake, marshmallows and cheese curls. After their eats and milk, they missed the rest of the party by taking 2 and a half hour naps. Exhausted by all the partying and loving going around. They hardly spent 5 minutes playing on their own - the rest of the time they spent on someones lap getting hugged and kissed all over.

Little man C loved the cake.

Little man L had a taste but then preferred the salty stuff like a vienna. The badges says " Een vandag" - One today.

The cousins off course, had a great time playing after wolfing down most of their party favour packs they were all over sugared and hopping around like Gummy bears.

The Little Miss and cousin Nicola.

Cousin Ebert, The Little Miss (dressed in Keedo for the occasion), Cousin Timu and cousin Simon. They hunted monsters and dinosaurs for most of the day.

Cousin Carla, L, A , Cousin Ingrid and C sharing some loving all round.

We truly had a lovely day and was so blessed to share this wonderful day with our family. We thank the Lord for saving and keeping us all safe through this year and pray for His continued support.

My little man L,

You are the sweetest little boy I know - your smile can melt the hardest heart and your cuddles will melt the toughest soul. You are mommy's smallest little monkey, my fighter and my little sunshine. You are the bravest boy I know. Mommy loves you with all her heart and wishes you a great year while growing stronger and stronger, bigger and bigger.

My little man C,

You are such a strong and hardy little man and have the will power to move mountains. At the same time, your smile brightens a rainy day. You are mommy's tough little monkey - my first smile in the morning. Mommy loves you with all her heart and wishes you a lovely year while continuing to grow and develop all the time.


  1. Happy Birthday boys! Hope you had a great day!

  2. Happy Birthday! I love all the pictures. yeah, birthday fun!!!

  3. aww what a sweet post. Happy birthday to your adorable two-some!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Boys!!!!

    What sweet pictures...
    Their cakes were super cute!!!

    And yay!! You survived the first year :)


    Looks like you all had a wonderful time :) Congrats on making it through a year!!

  6. Oh happy birthday boys! Looks like you had a fun day w/ lots of family and friends! Thats the best part, enjoying everyones company and remembering how fast a year goes by when the days have seemed so slow sometimes! Mine will be two next month and I just don't know where the time has gone!

  7. Happy birthday boys!! You look great in that pic of you and C! Congrats on surviving the first year with twins!

  8. Oh happy, happy birthday beautiful boys!!!!

    And Mama, kudos to you on a job well-done...and you look WONDERFUL!

    Happy Happy Day!

  9. AW! HAPPY HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY! AND CONGRATS TO MOM & DAD for making it through the first year. that is always the hardest! After a year it gets much easier! Looks like a fun party! The boys look soo cute and so does their big sister!

  10. OMGosh! Happy Birthday BIG guys!
    WOW! I hadn't realized they were turning one so close to when mine turn two!
    This was such a BEAUTIFUL post!

  11. WOW, I had no idea our twins shared a birthday. How cool is that.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY gorgeous little boys. Looks like you had a fabulous day and I just loved your little '1' cakes.

  12. Thanks for sharing their big day! And Happy Birthday!
    Surviving the first year is a BIG deal! Kudos to Mom & Dad!

  13. Happy Belated Birthday to Jackson's Birthday Buddies!!!

    It looks like you had a fantastic turn out and had a ton of fun!!!

    Happy Birthday, Little Men!!

  14. Happy Birthday Boys! Tavy loves that you share her birthday (we joke about which one she'll marry :):):):)) Beautiful pictures!

  15. Happy birthday cuties!
    I've enjoyed reading about your beautiful family. Thank you so for all the prayers for my little girl.
    jessica (tuesday's mom)

  16. A belated happy birthday to your babies!!!

  17. LOVED the 1 cakes and your little ones are too sweet (not so little anymore, right?)


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