Thursday, 30 October 2008

What's happening?

Thanks for every body's lovely comments about my darling daughter - she is truly one of those kids who "pulls" people - in real life and on photos. I have had several kiddie talents scouts, tv agents, model scouts etc. approaching me in shops but we have made the decision not to move her into modeling etc. If she gets to 12 or so and want to do it, she can, but we will not suggest it. I do not criticize parents that go that route, but it truly does not fit what our family is about. We love nature, the outdoors, animals etc. And we want to translate those type of values to our children.

So you may wonder, what is happening around the Cat's household? Well, busy busy as per usual. My workdays are at present very hectic - I have a building site being completed mid November and we are busy with inspections to try and get everything completed and quality checked before then. This means 4 to 5 days a week, most of the mornings on site. And do not forget that our temperatures are reaching anything between82 and 96 degrees at present. I am exhausted most of the days and just fall asleep on the couch in the evenings. I am not being a good wife at present - the poor hubby! Off course the rest of my work is also waiting, resulting in me having worked Monday night and last night.

I did not work on Tuesday night though as it was Survivor finals in South Africa (so you can figure out that we see it a couple of weeks after you guys). I can not get over Dreamz - what an asshole! And to think he tries to pass off his greed as being a clever tactic - I do not believe that. He was not thinking tactic when the car was offered to him -he was only thinking car! And later he was only greedy - and to think he kept playing the sympathy vote in the finals. Glad everybody saw through that. I am glad that Earl won though - a nice chap - but my favorite for the season - Yau -man. What a guy! What a wise and decent man. All the more proved by his comments and questions to the finalists. By the way did you know that the very first time any tribe in Survivor in any series of any country made fire before they got lint was in the second series of Survivor South Africa? (Richard, I think, in the very first or second series US knew how to make it, but did not do it). This was done by an ex army specialist and a very enticing fellow - reminds you of Rupert if you remember him from the US series. And by now you know - I am a huge Survivor fan.

That brings me to TV in general. I am not a big TV person, but I do follow a couple of series, when I get the chance. At the moment we are having a bumper CSI season - we have Miami (series VI) on Tuesdays, Vegas(VII) on Wednesdays and NY (IV) on Thursdays. Not sure how far behind we are - maybe you can tell me? I also love Army wives (series II) but usually miss the first half as it is dinner and bedtime for The Little Miss. I did watch Brothers and sisters (not on at present) and Grey's Anatomy(also not on at present). And then my stock of reality is Survivor and Amazing race - we are always just a couple of weeks behind. And that is the whole total of what I watch. Some nights we do not even switch on the TV and I love it. We play cards, backgammon, chat and relax together. This bumper time of CSI better come to an end soon !

The big, no huge issue at the moment is that our nanny have to move out of her current lodgings today! She has a home that she goes to over weekends, but really needs just a room near to us in order to keep her night school going. For the time being, she will sleep in the room with The Little Miss on weeknights - this is going to be tough on all of us. Please pray for a solution! We are searching high and low.

On the kiddie front - Little man L is really doing well with the crawling and is just now starting to prefer crawling to army crawling. Little man C is standing on his own (and clapping hands for himself - sop adorable) and walking while pushing a kiddies plastic chair. Yes, they do not have walker yet! Why you ask? Because Grandfather wanted to make some wooden push wagons for them(for their birthday) and asked us not to buy. This is what the Physio therapist recommended and not the plastic walkers. And yes, they have not arrived yet! I am sooo frustrated. I have nicely told him that little man C is more than ready for it, but well! And I can not say anything to the hubby - it will cause a major temper eruption. See, this non delivery of his dad is by now legendary. Do not get me wrong - he makes us the most stunning furniture(for free), but both times the cots for instance were late, I got my promised TV cabinet about a year and a half late and am still waiting for my dining room furniture (about 4 years now). But I will keep waiting as I know it will be worth it, but sometimes you just can not wait. And I feel this is one of those times.

I also bought The Little Miss the most stunning princess dress yesterday from a boutique's closing down sale - still cost half a fortune, but she is going to absolutely love it. A real handmade princess dress with beading, flowers, tulle skirts, layers of skirts and pink! I am keeping it for a surprise to wear for her birthday party - yes, we are having a princess party! And I have to plan it now as her birthday party is only days after our school year start, so invites have to go out this year. ( Our schools close in the beginning of December for our long summer holiday and start somewhere in January for the school year). Got to get going on those invites (and maybe a bit of work).


  1. there is quite alot of goings on around you. I hope that you find a nanny solution soon and I can't wait to see the princess dress. She is going to be gorgeous.

  2. I *LOVE LOVE LOVE* Survivor!! And I think you guys are WAY behind us, cuz we're into, I think, 2 or 3 seasons after what you're seeing...? I'm pretty sure Dreamz was on Season 14...and tonight I watch season 17. I get to watch tonight :) Can't wait!!

  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing so much. It's nice getting to know more about your thoughts and daily life. Love your ideals on beauty and life w/kids.

  4. You have beautiful kids! Thanks for visiting me today and I hope to see you again!

  5. I just added your feed to my favorites. I really enjoy reading your posts..


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