Friday, 31 October 2008

5 Things Friday...

So Spring is officially over today in South Africa, and we are moving fast towards Summer. So for 5 Things Friday, 5 Things about Spring in our little corner of the world:

1. Spring is officially September and October, but the actual temperatures very quickly goes from cold to hot in a few days. We always have a cold spell somewhere in September just when you start packing the winter clothes away and when all the Matrics (grade 12 - high school graduates) have their matric dance function (something like senior prom I would guess).

2. I always get a cold or sinus infection - I think prompted by all the pollen of which the Jacarandas I showed last Friday are the main culprits.

3. Off course, like the rest of the world, it is flowers and blossoms every where. What I love most is my back courtyard and the Irises that creates a spectacle every year. (these are 2007 photos)

4. It is officially the start of our rainy season - our first showers should be very close after the 10th of October - as happened this year. Our rain comes in the form of heavy thundershowers in the late afternoon or nighttime hours every few days.

5. We get the very anticipated "shoes off" letter from the pre-school. South Africans love to walk barefoot - it is a national "condition" spanning across most cultures. In Winter we get a letter that from some date it is officially shoes on time - the kids have to wear shoes to school - in Spring we get another letter informing us from when kids are allowed to come barefoot and it is school policy to encourage that for sensory development.

As I have probably mentioned on every blog I read, we have not Halloween here in SA - but to you and yours, Happy Halloween and enjoy! I am green with envy - such a great chance to dress up the kids. At least we have the nice weather!


  1. How neat! I love that Shoes Off letter thing...wish they did that here.

    You could start your own Halloween tradition and dress up anyway ;)

  2. shoes off time, huh? that is so interesting! A lot of my students would surely love that option on a regular basis!!

  3. I love hearing about your life...the little differences (or big ones for that matter) are fascinating!!!

    I can't even imagine sending kids to school barefoot...though in Florida we could certainly support that edict!


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