Saturday, 15 November 2008

A Busy weekend, as per usual.

The weekend started with a quiet Friday night, watching an episode of "Long way down" and spending some time with the dear hubby.

On Saturday morning The Little Miss and I paid a visit to the local farmers market. It was still very wet and muddy so dad and the Boys stayed at home. I have published pictures previously, but some things to buy (apart from the obvious meat, vegetables, dairy and fruit):

Plants for your garden.

Pails and pails full of beautiful Gerberas.

And stunning Proteas - our national flower. The smaller pink ones are called Sugarbush and the large one is a King Protea. These we bought for granny. They will keep up to a month and a half in water and are very heavy. There were a whole bunch of American girls buying some (judging from the accents). We have a lot of embassy, UNICEF, UN, Aid organizations etc working from Pretoria.

And some bloody good coffee.

The Little Miss spent the morning after her swimming lessons with gran and we picked her up for a party at about 2. It has been raining on and off for almost a week, and Saturday afternoon was no exception - during the thunder storm the kids had the cake, sweets etc. After that the 3 girls enjoyed the dolls house but later joined the boys on the slide in the light rain.

It was a Blue Bulls party - our local rugby team.

To her dad's dismay The Little Miss had two "Blue Bulls" temporary tattoos! He supports the Stormers.

The Boys just loved their helium balloons.

And remember the 3 little girls from my Way back Wednesday post this week? Here's The Little Miss and Jeannedre - all dressed up!

And The Little Miss and Tyra having fun with the foam.

This weekend will be much quieter - thank goodness, I am exhausted.


  1. My husband loved the picture of your daughter holding the flowers. They are as big as she is! I love the ones of her in the soap foam and dressed up. She's all girl that one. Tooo cute!

  2. Looks like a wonderful weekend was had by all! :)

  3. Great weekend!
    LOVE the pic of the Little Miss with the flowers! Just beautiful!

  4. LOVE the photo of the Little Miss withthe flowers...TOOO CUTE!


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