Friday, 14 November 2008

5 things Friday..

Yikes guys, it's been a very busy week. My apologies, I am so behind on reading your blogs and commenting.

We attend a church with a very large congregation - what is know here as a Makro congregation. Due to that we have several services on a Sunday and we attend what is known as the family service, designed for families with children under 13. The service is in simple language, and is co-led by a preacher and a puppet that "speaks" for the children and involves lots of music and the chance for the little ones to get up on the stage and sing and do movements on the music. This past Sunday the subject for all the services was communication in the family, and we were given the 5 phrases/ words that should never be used in a family as it stops communication. We have made this a motto for our home.

So, for 5 things Friday, never use the following in your home:

1. You always do this or that - for instance, you always let your toys lie around, or you are always late.
2. You never do this or that - you never wash the dishes, etc.

3. Why can't you? Why can't you make the coffee for a change? An instant accusation.

4. Just leave it!/ Just forget about it! When you are failing to make another member of the family understand what you are trying to explain. Persist and talk until you understand.

5. Because I say so! Not a good enough reason for anything. Try to explain, always. This breeds understanding and communication in the family.


  1. those are five absolutely wonderful things to try to remember to do. good thing for a friday!

  2. So true! The first 4 are the easiest to learn to refraim from, BUT, LOL, once the kiddos hit pre-teen and teen, sometimes that "because I said so" rears its ugly head . . .

    Have a great day!

  3. Great reminders on how we all want to communicate with our kids Cat! Thanks for posting.

  4. what a wonderful reminder list about communication, thank you for sharing that!

  5. These were rules I also learned in a Communication class in college. I agree with Imerie about the first 4. I dread the day I encounter the "Why" question and am tempted to say "Because I said so." response. Thanks for sharing.

  6. oooh a good one. And great reminders!!


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