Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Way back WHEN sday

I have booked our family photo shoot about a week ago, to have the pictures in time for Christmas cards. I am considering dressing options for us and had a look back at our previous shoots:

Timeline: July 2005. The Little Miss was almost 6 months old when we did this.

Timeline: November 2005. The Little Miss was 10 months old. I won this photo shoot with the digital images in a competition, so we used it for our Christmas cards that year. It was great to have the puppies with us. We didn't do one in 2006 as we had two in 2005 (and I could not get dad to agree on doing a third one in two years) so we used this picture as our 2006 photo.

Timeline: First week in December 2007 - The Boys were 11 weeks old, The Little Miss almost 3. We had the shoot in our home with the photographer setting up a studio in our lounge. The plan was to have the puppies with us but we found it so tiring with the kids that we gave up on that idea. We got some really good photos though (see my sidebar).

This year we will be without dad - last year really got to him (well it got to me as well, I almost didn't feel up to doing a shoot ever again and I just have to block the memory of last year's), but at least we will have a nice one of the kids (I hope) and me.

Pop over to Cheryl to see who else is playing along.

And I am going to copy Cheryl and Debi in doing a gratitude items every time I post - I have been keeping a gratitude journal (a la Oprah) for more than 10 years and really find it lifts the spirits and keep me grounded). I hope you girls do not mind.

Today, I am thankful for... a good night's sleep! What a difference it makes - we had a very rough night the night before last and I am seriously over worked.


  1. your pics are beautiful and I love the one where yall are all wearing blue. Beautiful Family

  2. what a beautiful family and we just did our family photos last night and I wish they looked as good as yours. Lets just say, the kids were not in the picture taking mood.

  3. your family is beautiful...I love the one with the dogs.

    I know how tiring photo shoots can be...I did one last saturday by myself with the boys. :)

  4. Love these pics. Especially because they aren't your typical family shots. More artistic looking to me. Your family is so beautiful! I'm thankful for a good night's sleep too. It's like you are able to see life through a whole new perspective. AMAZING!

  5. love the new look :)

    those pictures are wonderful, that last one is my fav!

  6. Oh Cat...those are some great family photos!!

    We are actually having a friend do our photos this year....I too am struggling on how to dress everyone...

  7. You do have SUCH a beautiful family, Cat! (You know, other than church directory photos, we've not been coordinated a full family pro photo shoot...maybe we'll try, although...maybe not!)

    Beautiful, beautiful pics, Cat.
    And how right you are on the benefits of sleep! :) Hope you catch up tonight again too!

    Thank you so much for playing along with Way Back When-esday!

  8. I love those guys are too funny to have your dogs in your family pics. Goodness..i could never keep our lab still for 2 seconds..much less our sheltie that is so crazy she can't sit still at all! :) Those pics are precious!

  9. Ditto on that sleep! S is no longer barfing and I'm now comfortable that L's croup isn't going to kill her in the night in spite of how it sounds, so I got a few solid hours last night.

    Cat, your family is absolutely beautiful! Why couldn't you talk your husband into a photo? I don't think once a year is too much to ask.

    I love your new blog look too. I think it suits you.

  10. What a great looking family! Wonderful photos!!

  11. I love these pictures! :) You guys are so photogenic!

  12. Your children are adorable! I hope you get some good pictures of smiling kiddos this year:)
    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day.


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