Thursday, 11 December 2008

My first ever giveaway and 5 Things Thursday:

In keeping with yesterdays photo, I have the chance to host my first ever giveaway.I am so excited, and as I have the great readership of about 10, you stand an excellent chance to win. I won a book on Cheryl's blog, Twinfatuation, but unfortunately the good people of Harper Collins can not ship it half way around the world to South Africa. So they have generously agreed that I can award it in a competition on this blog. The winner has to reside in the USA.

This pocket-sized tome released a few weeks ago: Scared of Santa: Scenes of Terror in Toyland is the purse-ready print version of what was originally an overwhelmingly popular feature run by the Chicago Tribune. From archival family photos to 21st century seatings, the images of the irritated run the full spectrum.This really sounds like something that can bring joy to any home during this season.

So you want to win this? Publish a "5 Things that I really love about Christmas" , leave me a comment and I will add you to a list for all to see. The Little Miss will then do a number draw on Monday 8:00 am New York time (for interest sake that is 3 pm South African time), - so be sure
to do this in time.

So, for today, 5 Things I love about Christmas:

1. Spending time with family and all the loving.

2. Singing Silent Night and always feeling teary in church. I always have to brush away some tears during the service.

3. Having Christmas lights on our the tree and outside in the trees as well.

4. Christmas time is my favorite fruit time in South Africa - watermelon, sweet melons (cantaloupe), mango, litchis, peaches etc. It is truly a feast.

5. Gammon with sweet mustard sauce - gosh, I love it.

So, please play along and make this little competition a success.


  1. I want to play and how could I not after my post from yesterday? It's so fitting for that book. Yaya could be in one of the photos! I'll post my 5 things on Sat!

  2. I want to play.....
    Just posted my 5....
    (BTW, looks like you had a blast on your birthday!!!)

  3. I'll play along...I guess I have a good chance of winning :)

    5 things I love about Christmas:

    1. Decorating my house and tree...can't wait to get all the decorations up.

    2. Waking up Christmas morning and watching my family open up their presents!

    3. Sitting down to a nice dinner with family. (nothing better)

    4. Christmas music, I love listening to the radio and signing along

    5. Christmas sales...I love shopping after the holidays and getting all the bargains!!!!

    Thanks for letting me play along :)

  4. Too fun Cat!
    I posted on my blog.
    Happy belated birthday and Happy Anniversary-the pic of you and your husband is GREAT!
    Many happy wishes for a great holiday!

  5. I'm game! Bummer you can't get the book yourself...but if I win, maybe I can send it your way after I check it out! haha!

  6. I'll post my 5 things on Saturaday too :)
    How fun and sorry you couldn't get the book. (darn!)

  7. I found your blog thru Barbara Manatee.

    I want to play and I posted on my blog.


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