Friday, 23 January 2009

Phriday photo phinish phiesta

Some more moments from our December holiday - this is an Ostrich up close and personal - she ate out of my hand! The Ostrich is the world's biggest bird and is commercially farmed is South Africa for their excellent healthy meat, skin and feathers. It is also indigenous to South Africa and is represented in our National parks.

They are huge and can deliver a kick that have killed grown men, but these are in a touch farm and used to people (and behind wire!)

Head over to Candid Carrie for some more great Friday Fotos.


  1. WOW! How cool that you got to see them so close and feed them from your hand!
    Those birds are HUGE!
    (birds freak me out. LOL)
    Happy friday!

  2. HA!!

    That is a cool picture....

  3. Those birds scare the crud out of me! I love all birds but those are too incredibly BIG! Plus, while going on a drive through safarri they chased our car and pecked at our windows. AACK! Felt like I might know how it felt to be chased by a dinosaur. They are prehistoric aren't they?

  4. Very cool! I think I would be too nervous to hand feed one though :o)

  5. So cool. I have read a lot about these birds and they are way amazing. I'm jealous you got to feed one. Love the photo.

    If you haven't already...check out my yummy Valentine's give-a-way. :D

  6. I would love to hear more about these birds! The size of them freak me out but I understand this is like a petting zoo where you can mingle with tame ones.

    I am terrified of birds, especially chickens that just keep pecking on things. Oh, and turkeys that just keep pecking.

    But your ostrich looked like it was smiling (see how I am trying to convince myself not to be afraid of a bird in a picture?)

    Happy fx4 and thanks for joining in!




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