Monday, 26 January 2009

The princess had a great birthday - part 1

The Little Miss had a lovely extended birthday, mainly because hers was still in the school holidays and we postponed the actual celebrations to after the schools opened. Therefore I will do 3 posts just to re-cap what happened.
On her actual birthday, she crawled into our bed early, and we sang "Happy Birthday" and gave her her gifts from us.
She was delighted with the "Sleeping Beauty" and "Little Mermaid" DVDs that H got her.
And off course the princess dress, gloves, shoes and tiara that I got her was a hit.

Just look at our little Princess - the dress has 4 layers of material in the skirt and bead and flower details - she wore her dress to church. The two of us went to church as the Boys slept late and stayed with dad. In our church it is custom to sing to everybody that has their birthdays on the Sunday, and she was the only one present. So she had to get up on the bench and everyone sang to her. Many people, friends and strangers came over to give her some great wishes and blessings. She was thrilled with all the attention.

After church we met my mom at the Spur - South Africa's only real family restaurant. After lunch the staff came with an ice-cream with sparklers and sang Happy Birthday to her - but yes, mom's camera's battery was flat - so I missed that moment. But she had great fun.

The attendant at the play section painted her face like a cat to match her Hello Kitty outfit.

Dad and Little Man C.

Gran and The Little Miss.
Little man L and me - you can see he did not feel great. The tonsillitis was already creeping up on him.

Me and my little poppet.

She spent the rest of her day playing with Cinderella's Ballroom by Mega Blocks which she got from her brothers for her birthday. I can really recommend this to all moms with girls that love construction toys and off course, Disney's princesses. And the blocks fit with Lego's Duplo blocks!
And the very fancy baby doll gran gave her - very little interest! She is playing with her Barbies, but not at all with her baby dolls. Is this normal? Maybe later she will strat playing with her babies.


  1. Looks like fun! I know that the princess stuff is BIG around here, looks like the same goes for your house! She would have loved the "Disney on Ice" show! Yes, the cars were real, smaller versions of course, but they drove around the ice, it was very cool!!! :)

  2. Talk about the perfect birthday for a perfect birthday girl! Happy Birthday sweetie! I wish you ooooodles more.

  3. what a great birthday. I love the princess dress, she looks so cute.

    And I just can't get over that you guys are in shorts and tank tops while I am here in jeans and a sweat shirt. too funny.

  4. It looks like she had a great day! My daughter loves both of those movies! We don't do barbies here, but my little one has several plush disney princess dolls.

  5. What a lovely birthday girl!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that princess dress! GORGEOUS!


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