Thursday, 19 March 2009

Diggit the Dancing Queen, oh-hoooo!

You can dance

You can jive,

having the time of your life,
Whoo, see that girl, watch that scene ,
Diggit the Dancing Queen!

Glasses, courtesy of one of my employees that passed them on after a 70's parts,
Singing courtesy of her bigger cousins and a Mamma Mia/Abba filled weekend.
Her repertoire now includes Mamma mia, Honey Honey, Don't go wasting your emotions, Chiquechita and Dansing Queen. Am I a bit pre-occupied or is the resemblance to Anastascia (remember this post) growing.?


  1. So cute! I love it! Especially those glasses & the point of the finger!

  2. Get that girl an agent! :-)

  3. That is one of my all-time favorites:-)

  4. Too cute! She's so adorable! I have yet to see Mamma MIa but heard it was wonderful

  5. this is just too cute!!!!

  6. I love the first one...what a little model!


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