Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Such a mixed bag of emotions day.


I had to be at a meeting in Sandton at 9:30 - not my favorite thing to do, to attack the morning traffic head-on. But I did arrive after an hour and 20 minutes about 20 minutes early for my meeting. Where everybody else was late and we only started 15 minutes late. The meeting did run a full three quarters of an hour over the scheduled time. But it does promise to be a highly exciting project. So mixed feelings.

The I met Jenty for a quick lunch. It was so super great to see her and have a good chat. You see, it's the "new" me, the more attention to myself one that allowed me to stay and do this. The "old" me would have rushed to the office immediately. It then took almost a full 2 hours to drive back to Pretoria - kid you not. I was almost out of my mind with frustration. Mixed emotions.

Then we had the Boys' 3 year check-up scheduled for 4:30 and on our way there the Princess started puking. Uncontrollably. By the time we came to the doc, sweet Hunter(whom we were meeting there) had a new outfit bought for her but she looked terrible. The good news is that the boys are both doing really well now that they are off all chronic medicine, including the asthma meds for C. Milestones look fine but we will evaluate L at 4 for muscle tone etc.We will also keep track of his speech development. They are both still on their growth curves and we are not going to do hormone or growth tests for L - he is not dipping on his curve and is steadily growing. The not so great news is that she has warned us to keep a lookout for attention and disruption issues with L ( she did not say the dreaded ADD or ADHD words but...)and to ask the school to be on the lookout for it next year. So mixed emotions.

Then she took a look at a very pale and listless Princess, although not dehydrated, already depleted of all glucose and the levels dangerously low. So she gave her some anti-nausea meds, booked her bed in hospital and instructed us that if she vomits once more or does not start drinking energade or such in half an hour, to take her immediately. I was so worried. But, she pepped up about 20 minutes later and started drinking shortly after that. Gosh, I was relieved. Of course, I was exhausted after the day and just fell asleep next to her.

Indeed a day of turmoil.


  1. Wow, what a day indeed. But - it ended well yes?

    That is all that matters. The doc appts for boys went well - your meeting went well - lunch with Jenty was good - HUnter was a dear - all in all a mixed emotions day but one that definately had it's upsides too.

    Thank you again myfriend for the parcel in the post xxx

  2. I hate medicical nightmares like that!

  3. Is going to be okay. Regardless.

  4. What a day!

    I can't even bear the thought of 3 hr 20 in traffic to and from Jhb.........

    At least you had a nice lunch.

    With the boys, they're 99% okay so focus on that and thank good A is okay too!

  5. oh cat! I can just feel the emotion (and exhaustion) in this post. Man, you guys need a holiday or maybe you just need to take another day or two - just or you. :-) It seems Hunter is the kind of guy who would totally support you. xx

  6. My gosh, no wonder you had mixed emotions... what a day!

    Glad little miss is feeling better and glad the appt went well for the boys. That is great news!~

    ps I have missed catching up with you.

  7. I'm glad she's feeling better and the boys are doing well. Sheesh! Sounds like a rough day you had.

  8. You poor thing. I hope she continues to feel better. I'm happy to hear all the good news about the boys but I also understand your concerns and mixed emotions when it comes to continuing to monitor them for other issues.

  9. oh wow...what a day!! Hope Lil Miss is resting, drinking and feeling better. Interesting that the Dr put you on the alert for the attention thing...was that a concern of yours or did she bring that up???? Hmmmm...

  10. Glad the feedback on the boys was positive :)

    I can handle most medical emergencies but do not give me vomitting! I actually panic!! Glad she didnt need to go to hospital though!

  11. Ek het gister gehoor dat kinders met ADD en ADHD hoef nie noodwendig op Ritelin te gaan nie. Die dietkundige stel voor dat 'n mens na hulle insulien vlakke moet kyk. Hmmm.... Ek dink nogal die stelling het merit, want ek sukkel met my insulien en ek het die geheue span van 'n goudvis!

  12. What a hectic day. Hugs.
    Hope you feel better today.

  13. Wow girl...and you're still alive. I am so happy for you that the princess perked up and she did not end up in hospital.


  14. OMW what a hectic day! So glad A managed to stay out of hospital, and awesome that the twins are doing so well
    LOVED seeing you :)


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