Tuesday, 17 March 2009

To hear the sound of water..

We seriously get cabin fever and sometimes a quick walk is not enough. So we often take a Sunday afternoon drive out into the country side, gives the kids a chance to take a nap (the only way we can get the princess to nap) and we get to see to the horizon. On Sunday we stopped at the Bronkhorstspruit dam and just listened to the water. It was quiet (crappy weather) and peaceful.

Got to love the daddy - two of my favorite people.

Oh and I just love this man.

Just look how pretty this is.


  1. Oh just to see green again....
    I seriously cannot wait for spring around here.

    Hoping things are well with you and yours....

    Stop by my blog....I am having my first blog giveaway......


  2. What a wonderful place to go! I love sunny days, but there is something about cloudy skys on the horizon and water. Great shots!

  3. sounds nice and looks beautiful!

  4. So beautiful! It is the best when you adore the man your married to.

    We do that nap/drive thing too, when we get desperate.

  5. gorgeous! And yes, got to love the daddy pics.

  6. What a wonderful way to spend the day!

  7. What an awesome Sunday drive! That's great:-)


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