Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Way back WHEN sday and Wordful Wednesday

Timeline: December 1994
Age of the girls - about 6 and 2.
So this is Cousin Ingrid (at the back) and Karla in front with their aunt, cousin Petru. We were at a wildlife rehabilitation centre and the lioness was 8 months old.

And 2 weekends ago, look at the two very pretty girls!

My they grew up to two very gorgeous girls.
For some more blasts from the past, head over to Cheryl's and play along and if like me, and Angie at 7 Clown circus's Wordful Wednesday you have to "talk" about your photographs, head over there to have a look as well.


  1. What a fun place you live. Lions in your backyard! love your bubbly blog design. Beautiful family.

  2. Amazing....and oh such beautiful young ladies!!!

    Mine is all about sisters today if you'd like to stop by and read the story along with viewing the photo. Happy Wordful Wednesday Wishes to YOU!!

  3. They did grow up to be beautiful! That picture made me gasp, wow, up close with a lioness! How exciting.

  4. They are all grown up now, huh? I love then and now type photos.

    Happy WW!

  5. Wow! I absolutely LOVE your photos. There is always some wildlife in it that is way closer than I have ever been to them.

    What beautiful girls! Great pictures!!!

  6. They've grown up to be more beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Have a good day.

  7. They are gorgeous women:-)

  8. Seems like yesterday. They're very pretty girls!

  9. Wow kids grow up too fast! A magical WW to you!

  10. oh that is an awesome photo of the feeding!!

  11. OMGosh! Isn't it crazy how much kids change in such a short amount of time?!?
    They are just beautiful!
    Happy WW! & WBW!


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