Thursday, 16 April 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday

I love that Thursdays are set aside to play along with Nicole at What a trip :

After what seemed to be a weekend filled with sweet and sorrow and a busy two days at work, off course I have lots to be thankful for:

  1. Firstly, my dear husband who just continues to amaze me with his big heart and love every day.

  2. That Little man L survived his fall out of his crib without serious injury this morning. I could not believe how quickly it happened. I was busy changing Little man C's nappy, L chucked his sippy cup out of the cot and immediately followed suit head first, crashing to the carpet with his forehead. Huston, we have a problem! (and a carpet burn on the forehead)

  3. For our dear nanny Lucy who had an immediate solution – remove the base out of the cot, place the mattress on the carpet inside the cot (we have sledge cots – they come down to the ground like a box). Little man L jail – no way his is climbing over that!

  4. For everybody's prayers for our friend Stefaan. No new news at present apart that he is handling the pain better.

  5. For Skype – this enabled me to talk to S's sister in London last night face to face and to maybe just help calm her down and patch up the family.

  6. For God' plan in bringing this family closer together – his two sisters have both talked to him – the first time in a year. May this reunion be blessed.

  7. For heaps of friends offering support and love to them.

  8. For the absolutely stunning weather we are having – bright warm sunny days, cool and comfortable nights

  9. For Baby Einstein – enabelling me to actually cook dinner most evenings – even if it only gives me 15 minutes it is worth it.

  10. For my little I-pod – I have it loaded with classics and it calms my mood any time I need some sanity.


  1. That's a wonderful list!

    My prayers are still with Stefaan.

    I'm so glad L wasn't hurt! Sounds like a great solution, though!!

    (Mr. Linky is up now.)

  2. Prayers are being said for Stefaan. Thanks for keeping us updated. What a wonderful thing to hear that he & his sisters are now speaking to each other though.

    What a wonderful & heart-filled list!

  3. Prayers for Stefaan.

    As for the crib, Brenna learned to escape a few weeks ago too, no carpet burns though,ugh! Thank goodness we had a hand me down from my mil from my bil's twins.

  4. You have lots to be thankful for this today:) Great list- glad your little climber is ok!

  5. Thanks Cat for your Thanksgiving Thursday inspiration! I am giving it a whirl...

  6. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Hang in there!!

  7. We did the exact same things with our cribs, took out the part that holds the crib off the floor! I did recently re-install that piece as it was no longer effective at keeping the kids from climbing out and also made morning sheet changes a lot more difficult.

    RE: your comment on my blog- I give the kids choices for foods because I'm a moron lol. Usually they're easy to please- today it was: Do you want scrambled eggs? No. Do you want cinnamon toast? No. Do you want strawberries? No. Then they started- "Waffles? We are out. Pizza? Not for breakfast. Muffins? by that point I was happy we even had a box of muffin mix in the house lol

    I just now made up pizza for lunch- and I wonder why I have picky eaters...

  8. Hi Cat!! Those are all great & wonderful things to be thankful for! It just puts everything back into perspective, doesn't it???


  9. What a great great list!
    Happy Thanksgiving Thursday

  10. Glad your little one is OK! Sounds like a scary fall. Happy Thanksgiving Thursday!

  11. I hope Stefaan's family is able to reconcile during this...its when they need each other most. I can only imagine how thankful their family is for YOU right now! Bless you!

  12. Amen. Wonderful Thankful list.

    Still keeping Stefaan in my thoughts and prayers.


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