Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Weekend report

You know how the weekend just sometimes flies past you. One moment it's Friday, the next it's Sunday night and you have no recollection of what you did. So I decided that I need to DO things on weekends - I have made 6 categories for myself.Sometimes these will overlap or combine, but it is just a conscious effort to make more of the weekend. Get out of the lazy rut of just sitting around and DO things. So here follows this (long) weekend's report:

1. Do something for my hubby
Is this really for him? Maybe not - but we had my BIL and SIL and their little Princess for a visit.. Although it was to busy, I was  so happy to have them here.

2. Something for each of the kids
Off course, it was Easter Weekend and we had the obligatory Easter Egg hunt. I realised that we will have 5 kids, 3 adults and only 1 capable egg hunter, so I made each person an Easter egg parcel. The Boys were not that interested - next year will off course be something quite different.

The Little Miss had great fun hunting them down - she was sooo exited!And off course, we all had our fill of various types of eggs. In South Africa we do not in general give gifts, just a couple of eggs.

We also did some egg colouring (my first try at that) and it came out great! I (forced) all to have one for breakfast on Sunday morning. (Off course my SIL does not eat eggs either)

3. Something for the puppies
They had 6 walks over the 4 days of the weekend - not a bad tally I think. They also had lots of love and attention from all the kids.

4. Something for someone outside of my direct family that shares my home
Off course this weekend was all about this - about our friends Stefaan and Ilse and their daughters. We had the girls with us every day of the weekend. We also got them each a plush toy unicorn to hold when they miss their dad.

5. Something for the house
Gosh, yes off course nothing this weekend apart from the fact that I spent the whole weekend cooking for a whole team, cleaning after a whole team. I am just so grateful for my trusty dishwasher. Oh yes, and my MIL and I tidied and sorted The Boys' toys on Friday morning before the family arrived and tragedy struck.

6. And something for myself.
Thanks to my MIL who looked after the kids on Thursday night (H has study group), I was able to spend an evening with some great friends.

And on Sunday night after my BIL and SIL left, H took the kids (only our 3 - the other 2 were with their mom at the time) for a walk, did dinner and bath time and I went on my own to see "Marley and me". Yes, it is only now showing here, but off course I loved it! And it gave me the chance to cry - although it might have been more over our friends than Marley.

Well, we were completely exhausted after the weekend - luckily this is a short week.So how did your weekend go?


  1. Busy weekend! Looks like it was a lot of work but fun too. You know you're having fun when time flies by.

  2. So glad you got a moment to yourself - good for you!!!! We all deserve a mommy-free moment.
    You are so busy but organized on the weekend!!!!

  3. I enjoyed reading and looking at all the pictures!!! I was lauging at the comments about your sil & bil!

    Oh...I cried at Marley & Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You have the best weekends! I loved Marley and Me too. I so want a dog now. :)

  5. What a great recap of what sounds like a wonderful weekend!

    (I have to admit, I'm a rough food-guest. I am a strict low carber, so people HATE to feed me. LOL)

  6. Honestly....I'm exhausted for you. Entertaining difficult guests, no matter how much I love them, zaps my energy.

    Your Little Miss looks like she really enjoyed her weekend.

  7. OK, I just LOVE that your blog is secret, because it means you can say your BIL and SIL were crappy. LOL
    Seriously, this was a great holiday weekend for your family! Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. It looks like you had a GREAT Easter! That's aweseome:-)


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