Friday, 22 May 2009

Friday photo finish fiesta - my sweet girlies.

Hosted by Carrie.

My sweet girls, my first kids,

Tonight mommy's tired, they day's been long. The week's been long with gran in the hospital and daddy busy with studies. Work's been tough. But tonight finds me sitting at the laptop, Moya's head resting on my lap. Bongi, you are curled on my feet, keeping them nice and warm. I am peaceful and contend.

Although you are not getting all the attention you used to get, although your walks may be more limited and you may be reprimanded to be good to the 3 little human monsters, you stay eternally faithful and loving. You are such great big sisters.

Moya you were the very first one to know that mommy was pregnant every time. In fact the first time we thought you were sick, the second time around we knew you were just looking after mommy. Bongi, you are such a great babysitter - every time you looked after those babies in their first week. You just slept wherever they were, and stuck to it, no matter what.

Sometimes mommy wonders if she can clicker train the human kids. You guys did so well with it. If I say sit, you sit. If I say stay, you stay. Not so with the other 3. Maybe M&M's and your clickers will work?

In any event, mommy just want to tell you that you girls rock! I love you to bits.

Forever your mommy.


  1. Aww! What a sweet post! Puppies are the absolute best! I feel the same way about Sugar. She is a sweet girl who puts up with a lot from Abby & Emma and does it well. Great post Cat!

  2. what sweet loyal pets! O and your (human) children are B-U-tiful!

  3. This post broke my heart. The love of a dog is like no other. Eternally faithful no matter what. I feel bad for our pups too as they don't get near the loves and hugs as they did prior to Yaya's arrival. Hugs to you and give your pups big love and scratches behind the ear.

  4. Awww! I want a doggy!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. i always refer to my dog as my oldest son....hahahhaa...
    what would we do without them?!

  6. What a lovely post and what sweet and beautiful girls!


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