Monday, 25 May 2009

Makes my Monday

So what makes my Monday today? (go to Cheryl's - click image, to see some other great Mondays)

I missed so much on the blog last week - everything was really hectic with my mom in hospital etc, so I have heaps that makes my day.

1. Off course my mom being so much better than a week ago. She walks, she is recovering so well. She is at a step-down facility until Wednesday. And she is so positive - that makes all the difference.

2. Our friends Stefaan and Ilse's little Tessa was born last Monday - a healthy 3kg baby. All seems normal and healthy at present.

3. My sweet hubby - oh I just love the man. Today my heart is just filled with love.

4. And winter soup - I really am not a fan of winter, but I adore soup. For lunch today I had butternut soup with ginger and orange. Hmmm..

Our home team, the Bulls made the final for the Super 14 rugby competition and will host their first final ever. If you want to know how huge this is, imagine your favorite football or baseball team competing with other club teams from the two other nations that are the other strongest contenders in the game. (Ok maybe that is difficult to imagine) Let's try to explain it : South African, Nieu Zealand and Australian clubs battle it out by all playing each other in rugby union and the top 4 teams then play against each other in semi finals and finals. The games are broadcasted in 41 countries all over the world. It is some of the most exciting rugby played. Yeah Bulls!

So what makes your Monday?


  1. Great list! Aren't husbands the absolute best!

  2. I got to go to the gym today..and now I'm back surfing the web because Sylvia is playing with Graham. Makes my Monday!

  3. Loved your Makes My Monday post. Loived the lovin. That makes more than just a Monday, for sure. I love winter soup, too, and it's not even winter here where we are!
    Blessings Today!

  4. Super list. Much to make your Mondays.

  5. What wonderful, wonderful causes for Monday Making! Still keeping your mom in thoughts and prayers...and congrats to Tessa's new parents!

    Thanks for playing along, Cat. :)

    God bless our currently serving armed forces and and every day.

  6. I'm so glad your mom is doing well and the new baby is here!

  7. Good to hear your mom is feeling better and in good spirits as well. Congratulations to our newest family member! ;)

  8. I'm so glad that your mom is doing better!!! And I loved #3 on your list :)

  9. so glad to hear the baby was born and is healthy and very glad to hear your mom is doing so well.

  10. I am glad that your mom is doing better.


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