Monday, 22 June 2009

Makes my Monday - Daddy rocks!

Playing along with Cheryl - what a great way to start the week.

Off course, Daddy makes my Monday! Yesterday on Fathersday we treated daddy with crumpets for breakfast and a great traditional Sunday lunch - although he made the leg of lamb in the Webber kettle, I did all the rest. It was a great day and the picture above was taken when dad took his 5 kids for a walk and a play in the park - poor L was still not himself. (And I had a nap!)

Hunter is just the best dad ever - I could really ask for nothing more from a partner. I asked The Little Miss to tell me what each of them like most about dad and wrote them on separate chocolate covers for Fathersday. The comments were as follows:
The Little Miss likes most: When dad braais for her, "drukkie dans" - that translates to hug dance - he picks her up and does and old fashioned waltz with her and when he paints with her.
Little man L likes most: When daddy tickles him an throws him in the air.
Little man C likes most: When daddy head-bangs with him and jump dance (their own version of disco)

Hunter -you rock my dear. We all love you to bits!

Also making my Monday - after a battery of test over Friday and Saturday, Little man L's fever eventually broke in the early hours of this morning. This is the worst fever I had to deal with with any of my kids up to date having to medicate every 4 hours between two types just to keep it in tact. We almost landed in hospital! An unknown bacterial infection is what the doc came up with. Thank goodness for anti-biotics.


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Father's Day:-)

  2. glad he is feeling better. thank goodness for antibiotics indeed.

  3. What a great Father's Day picture! And such a sweet post!!!!

  4. So glad for such good daddies!! Hope he had a great day!

  5. So glad your little guy is feeling better!
    Sounds like a wonderful Father's Day for your hubby :)

  6. Glad you had such a great Father's Day!

  7. Daddies are wonderful! So glad your little man is better, that is a scary thing to go through.


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