Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Two for Two-sday

Playing along with Debi once again!

My official Two for Tuesday picture - The Little Miss pouring tea for her and cousin Nicola.

Nicola had a tea party birthday party for her second and the kids loved the little tea pots, milk and sugar. If you were not a reader of my blog this time last year - check out her first birthday party which was the coolest I have ever been to and will also work for two year olds. Go have a look - it is well worth it.

Some more gems from the day:

Enjoying the jumping castle.

The party table - a tea pot (containing rooibos tea), sugar and milk was place for every 3 kids.

The teapot cake - cousin Surene made this herself. The cupcakes on cookies present cups and saucers.

The coffee pot cake - chocolate with marshmallow on biscuits covered in chocolate presenting cups and saucers.

No pictures of The Boys - they were with dad at the hospital having tests done as all this happened. Still not sleeping well and worried about Little Man L, but enough of that. Way too tired today to complain.


  1. Great pictures. What a wonderful little tea party. I hope you get more sleep and everything works out!

    Stopping in from Debi's blog

  2. wow! what a creative kids party planner! I remember that party from last year and the tea party this year looks equally fun!

    Hope the boys are ok and the tests give you some answers (but nothing serious hopefully!)

  3. OMGosh! Those are the most fabulous cakes EVER! LOVE them and so totally going to have to steal that idea for Emma! LOVE IT!

    Thanks so much for playing along today :)

  4. WOW! What a party!

    Praying for L... and the rest of you!


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