Sunday, 16 August 2009

3 Tons of fun!

I am so glad this week is over and the stress has certainly left it's mark. I am exhausted and just not feeling healthy. I ended up being in the witness box until Friday. The case has been postponed as the court time ran out.

On to happier, more regular posting.....

We had the huge privilege to be invited as VIP guests to the Platinum birthday party of our city's upmarket mall, Brooklyn Mall. I look after the general architectural work and project management of all new shops in the mall. I also approve the aesthetics of their designs.

It was a stunning event where the one parking area was transformed into a party area - I could not believe that a transformation like that was possible. It was so stylish - all in black and white with red accents (most strikingly a red Ferrari). The food was exquisite, the wine just the best and the whisky Chivas Regal. I had my hair done for the event and was all dressed up in a nice evening dress, but the picture Hunter took at home is completely out of focus. I will post something when I get the pictures from the marketing people soon.

The highlight of the event, apart from the yearly awards to tenants, was a show by 3 Tons of fun, a threesome of Divas and the name says it all. These 3 girls are huge - in terms of voice, talent and certainly size.

I just love it that they ooze sexuality and sensuality with heaps of confidence. They sang wonderful music - everything from Mowtown favorites to disco staples and 80's hits. It was huge fun. And they looked absolutely beautiful.

I've read the whole "No 1 Ladies detective agency" series of books and the mini series has just started here. It you have never read these or seen the show, make a plan - they are great. I am so surprised that the series was filmed so true to the African experience and feel. The main character in the series is Mma Ramotswe - a spunky traditionally build girl ( or that is how she puts is). Which off course means in African terms, quite a bit overweight. The way she cherish her body and the way she looks, is an inspiration.

This makes me wonder why we can not all be filled with this confidence, despite the size and shape we are in. So why is it that we western woman (and these days more and more of the African girls in South Africa as well) hammer ourselves about our weight all the time? Why don't we accept the way we look and relish in our inherent sensuality? Why not learn from the African woman and cherish our bodies regardless?


  1. I have been dying to hear if anyone had read the books! So they are worth the read then? I love reading local books.

    Seen the Diva's on TV, they are amazing! Lucky you!

  2. I can not wait to see the pictures of you at the party! I bet you looked fantastic & beautiful!
    I agree - we sometimes put so much emphasis on weight, appearance, etc.
    I have decided that I only go by what I think - I will lose weight or work on the areas I am not happy with.

  3. Oh Cat...Your "GALA" must have been such a blast!!! I cannot wait to see more pictures...Playing Dress Up, even for one night, always melts away the stress.
    I understand your question at the end...of course, I am not the western norm. I have been a "bigger" girl most of my life. I attribute it to my genes (my jeans too), and the simple FACT that God made me this way. I think when you become Confident in GOD (considering He does not make mistakes) you become more confident in your own skin! That is what helps me...
    Have a great week!!!!

  4. sorry to hear court is still weighing on you. Good luck..when do you have to resume?

    Glad you had some fun though - that sounds great!

  5. I agree! I am a ton of fun too:-)

  6. That sounds like quite a party! Can't wait to see the photo of you all swished up!

    I'll have to check out those books.


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