Tuesday, 18 August 2009


From us over here! Yes, me and Hunter both - in bed, with you know what.... The doc thinks it hit him because he was so sick from the Tick bite fever and me because of last week's stress. They do not even test here anymore, they just diagnose by symptoms and treat immediately to try and stop the spread as soon as possible. Off course, our biggest concern is the kids. In South Africa they do not give kids Tamiflu as a prophylaxis as per the newest research where it was shown that the side effects are really bad. So we are checking their temperature 3 times daily. Little man C has a caugh, but we spent Saturday at friends that has a cat. so it can be expected. We are keeping a close eye on him.We have hired our nanny to stay with us and look after the kids for the next 3 days until we are not able to infect them any more. I have no idea what we would have done without her. My mom also comes in to help to cook food etc. Staying away from the kids is off course so tough. It breaks my heart.

I was so hoping to get back to regular blogging, but maybe, as the day and week goes on, I will feel better and get some blogging (and reading - I am so behind) done.

Playing along with Debi as per usual.
We do not often get MacDonald's (yes, we have them in the deepest dark Africa) - frankly, our South African "Steers", although more expensive, has much better burgers. But The Little Miss kept asking, and two weekends ago , The Boys had their first Happy Meals - check our the happy faces.

And not to be left out - the happiest of them all.


  1. HUGE HUGS FOR YOU! get better quickly!

  2. Yuck! That H1N1 is horrible. Get well soon:-)

  3. Sorry to hear you guys are sick!! :(

    BTW, the McDonald's here do taste a bit different. The fries are the same, but the burgers taste different.

  4. I sure hope you get better soon. Yay for kids and their happy meals!!

  5. Oh No!!!! I hate to hear that you both are sick! Hope you feel better soon!!!!

  6. Hope you're all feeling better soon! Thinking of you!

  7. So sorry you and Hunter are both sick but SO glad you have help!! So glad your Mom can help and your Nanny can be around with the kids. I'll say a prayer that the kids stay healthy and you are all back to 'normal' again soon!!

  8. Oh Cat, can't you guys just get a break. I so hope that you feel better soon and your kids don't get sick.

    Oh and nice post on Sunday. ;)

  9. Oh poor you Cat! It's just awful!
    I hope all of the kids stay healthy.
    From a mama who had it in our home, they are right, the meds in kids were awful! Horrible side effects!

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

  10. ACK! I hope you guys recover quickly! I couldn't even imagine trying to stay away from my kids :(

    Sending healthy thoughts your way...


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