Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Way back and wordful Whensday - hospitals take 2

Playing with Angie for Wordful Wednesday....

Yesterday was grommet surgery take 2. Little man C ' turn. The children's ward was full but when I heard why, I was so relieved that we landed at the day ward (with 3 other kids). Due to a measles outbreak in our city they had to turn 2 of the normal children's wards into isolation wards as well. That was the good bit about it. The not so great bit, was that there was not a single cot available, so I had to sit with him every minute to make sure he does not fall out of bed. Luckily we had dad there as well. The other not so great part was that they did not give him pre-med (the anaesthesiologist was caught up in traffic and came late - and it not being a children's ward they did not automatically give him pre-med). So he went down fighting. But woke up like a little angel. Calm, sweet and all smiles. I am so relieved that this is all over and hope on healthier children.

And of course, I will not let a chance go by to play along with Cheryl:

The picture with Hunter reminded me of this one:

Timeline: April 2008
Age of the twins: 6 months
Hospital stay: a week for bronchiolitus.
I had such a laugh - in Friday's post I wrote: "Tomorrow is big rugby in South Africa - with the semi-finals for our big domestic tournament. My team, the Blue Bulls will take on Hunter's team, The Western Province. This off course will be followed by a braai"

Not one, but two commenters had a Freudian slip! (first I thought I made a spelling mistake, but no, I did not!)
Suemac realised her mistake and had a good laugh (giving me a great laugh as well): "I need to get my eyes checked.... I thought it said Blue Balls not Blue Bulls... and I laughed soooo very hard, my side hurts! "
But this one is so funny: "Your team name is the Blue Balls!? lol" from our gracious host at Friday Freewrite.
Just shows how our minds work - so for your viewing delight - The "Blue Balls" logo and mascot. And BTW, we won and are hosting the final on the 31st against the Cheetahs.


  1. Stopped by from SITS, I'm glad all is well. I love the photographs, particularly dad with them when tiny. x

  2. I'm glad it's all in the past too. They are cute photos though.

  3. So glad his surgery went well! What a sweet smile post surgery. Hope he has a fast recovery!

    Funny - the blue balls! Ha!

  4. Glad the surgeries are over and both boys did great. Phew!

  5. There is nothing worse than having your kids in the hospital. Thank goodness it is over!!

  6. Thanks for the shout out!! Sometimes I read so fast I read things wrong and I knew the minute I read that I had to take another look!

  7. Poor little guy! :(

  8. Glad all the surgeries went well.

    Blue bulls......hahahahahahahahaha

  9. I am glad all the surgery is over and everyone is feeling better. That's no fun at all.

  10. I've spent too much time in the hospital with my son too... Hope you guys are all done after this!!!

    Blue Balls!!! Haaaa!!!!!

  11. So glad you have this behind you!

  12. the pictures are adorable... and glad all is well!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog today. I am doing a giveaway too that you should check out!

  13. Oh I love the Hunter comparison pictures and can SO see the connection...and the Blue BALLS?
    Had me HOWLING!!!!!

    Thanks so much for playing along with Way Back When-esday---great having you on the reverie road with us, Cat!

  14. I'm so glad all went well again! I also truly hope this is a new beginning for you all with healthy boys!!!

    laughing about the blue balls reference, too! too funny!

  15. I'm so glad to hear that you baby boy is doing well. They are both just adorable!!

  16. Glad to hear he's doing well, such a sweet smile.

  17. Oh no! Poor baby! In the hospital AND it's crowded AND no drugs? Sheesh, trifecta? I hope he's feeling much better, and I hope his recovery is going well!


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