Monday, 19 October 2009

Makes my Monday - One on one time

We had such a great weekend! We made an effort to really enjoy this weekend together as a family. On Friday night we had dinner out at the Spur - the kid's favorite and we were actually able to eat our dinner in peace and even had a sensible conversation with each other. Yesterday was spent at the Lion and rhino park - more about that later this week. But Saturday was mommy and princess day and we had so much fun! Having the chance to spent a whole afternoon together and the memories of that really makes my Monday.

Playing along with Cheryl as on every Monday.

She had her face painted at the farmer's market - to be a Rainbow faerie - really artistic -what do you think?

After waiting for Hunter to return on his errands, the two of us set off to watch Tinkerbell - the lost treasure. Such a sweet little movie - both of us really enjoyed it and it has such a great little lesson about friendship and forgiving.

She dressed as a faerie in her faerie dress and wings. The movie showed at "the Cow mall" (previously featured on this blog) and the centre has a play fountain - which mommy forgot about. So, to add to the Saturday treat, I bough her a new outfit, panty and all and let her play in her faerie outfit in the fountain. The pictures tell the whole story....

Fun, fun, fun! I had a relaxing coffee at the restaurant and watched her play her heart out. I will always treasure these special one on one times with her. Soon, I will have to get this started with the little boys too.

If I could please ask your prayers one more time - little man C is going for his grommets tomorrow.


  1. Great pictures! Kids with face paint always look so happy.

  2. Oh she is just gorgeous :)

    Thinking of you guys!! Hope Little Man C does well today.

  3. Prayers coming up. Love all the fun A's having.

  4. That sounds like a perfect weekend!!

  5. She is simply irrepressible. The visual of you relaxing and basking in her happy frolic ENTIRELY Makes My Monday!

    Thanks so much for playing along.
    (Am praying!)

  6. What fun!! LOVE her face painting - wow!! How fun to play in the fountains and so nice to get some 1-on-1 time with her. I know how hard that is to come by!!

  7. Will be keeping Little Man C in my prayers...

    LOVE these photos of the Little Miss. She looks adorable and like she was having a fantastic time :)

  8. Such fun filled shots! Great moments captured to be treasured. :)

  9. Nothing better than one-on-one time! She looks SO cute.

  10. Saying a prayer now!
    What a great time spent with your daughter! It looks like she had a blast! I love cherishing moments like that - it is one of the joys of being a mom.


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