Monday, 31 May 2010

A busy weekend.

If I had one theme for this weekend, it would be sleep, or maybe friends. I had a super busy Friday after working very late on Thursday night, so on Friday night we just chilled. Saturday was the rugby and I really wanted to write something great about that - but Allie did it so well - just go read there, won't you?

So, we had friends over twice, I had two afternoon naps and we watched "Angels and daemons" last night - just proving again why Ewan Mac Gregor is a favorite of mine. It was a good weekend - relaxing and not too filled with commitments. The best part was that I went riding (after a long break) on Saturday morning and we had a good little outride. I was stiff and sore yesterday - it always amazes me that it does work your tummy muscles too. This weekend certainly makes my Monday - it was a good one.

Playing along with Cheryl.
I am way way behind with blog reading - maybe I'll catch up by Wednsday - untill then, my life is pretty hectic.

Leaving you with this very rare sight: 5 of 6 watching Barbie a mermaid's tale" after the rugby. I swear they NEVER all sit quietly for just 5 mintues.


  1. Sounds like just what the doc ordered!

    HOpe this week is more relaxed and includes a better nighttime routine!

  2. Your weekend sounds hectic - or do you take people coming over in your stride?

    If so, you need to teach me.... I stress too much.......

    Hope this week is relaxing and that you get to catch up on all your stuff :)

  3. My granddaughter is mad about Barbie the mermaid....
    I happen to buy her a sticker book, only saw Barbie on the cover and mermaids, not having kids I had no clue its the latest...when I showed her the book on webcam after her telling me *Nana I want to be a Barbie Mermaid* ( the penny never dropped )

  4. Marcia, the secret i in my hubby that is the main chef. I just do the trimmings.

  5. LOL! Sounds like a REAL South African weekend that has Super 14 Rugby finals...we can NEVER watch alone...we NEED a crowd! I loved Allie's take on it.

  6. sounds like a fabulous weekend! we had a pretty good one ourselves - not too stressful and had a little bit of fun.

  7. Looks like a great time:-)

  8. I love how none of them even notice you besides C. LOL

  9. Yay for fun weekends.
    Two great movies - I have seen Angels and Demons and I liked it. I have seen Barbie and the Mermaid tale, oh, a dozen times : )

  10. Great photo!

    Sounds like you did have a busy weekend. (love seeing you got a chance to relax and nap as well. Good for you!)


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