Friday, 11 June 2010

Can you feel it? It's Nation pride, that;s what it is.

Wow, I am blown away. Amazed at the hugely positive spirit and nation pride all around me. Even the skeptics (like me) have been overwhelmed by it all. The stadiums are all complete, most of the roads done and ready for use and the shopping malls are filled with visitors speaking the languages of the world. Last night I watched most of the concert for the opening of the Soccer world cup - it was an amazing event. My favorite part - Archbishop Desmund Tutu (or Oompie Des as I will always now think of him). What an amazing man and amazing moment in history. Today, we are all proudly dressed - me in my SA bling and the kids and Hunter in Bafanna Bafanna gear. At the office, the fever is running high and we will be closing early to watch. Go Bafanna Bafanna!
PhotoStory Friday
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  5 June 2010:

 My lavender hedge is awakening in winter.
  6 June 2010:

 The much photographed shell mobile has a new tenant. I love the light in this one.
  7 June 2010:

Report card and artwork home day for the end of second term. The art reflects this term's themes - dinosaurs, volcanoes, water, etc.

Go check out some more kiddy crafts at Jen's:

 National supporters Bafana Bafana day. Hunter and I made her little makarapa (the hat). It was all Vuvuzelas and nation pride.


  1. We are also leaving at 12!


    Love the great vibe around us!

  2. I also thought SA would not be ready, 3 months ago when I was visiting CT the roads looked FAR from ready to am impressed and very proud of us as a nation.

    CAT YOU TOOK STUNNING PHOTO' the way you are trying new things with your camera by using new it and it inspires me to get to know my camera better.
    When in CT this November, I am going to do a course with a photographer in Durbanville who I think is the best!! She is on facebook as well.

  3. CAT

    I want to ask you to join in with the 12 on the 12th with me and Andrea, am trying to get in touch with everyone who loves photography today to remind them.

    Saturday is the 12th, so you must take photo's and on the 13th post your 12 on the show your you can for example start with the alarm clock, drinking have to take the photo's and a few can have body parts in them...
    I am having a logo made right now...If you are interested I will send it to you on Saturday so you can keep and use on Sunday with that entry....
    Hope you keen??

  4. it's fantastic, isn't it.

    what's not so fantastic? the traffic.

    D left Sandton at 12.30 and by 1.25 he'd not even moved 1 km.

  5. Gorgeous your little miss with her proudly SA World Cup wear;-D

  6. Love your lavender photo.

    I have been very impressed with the soccer preparations. Only last night we saw on TV the tent city set up in some cricket ground as 'fan base' for the Aussies. It all looks very well organised.

  7. I love all of your pictures!! I am really excited that I get to experience the World Cup through you...Thanks for helping us to see the beauty and sportsmanship!!!

  8. Love that you include showing off some art. :)

  9. I love the tutu picture!! It definitely says 'little girl!'

  10. Gorgeous pics!

    Love the one of The Princess in her new jumper. She looks beautiful. xx

  11. OMGOSH! LOVING the crafts! What a great picture to showcase your daughter's work.

    Is this the first time the World Cup has been in your country? I have no clue about soccer. LOL
    It sure sounds exciting for your whole country.

  12. Shayne, have you seen these at Woollies? They are great, wash so well in the machine.

    Debi, it is the very first time it is hosted anywhere in Africa. We have hosted the rugby world cup and cricket world cup.

  13. The pics of A are my favs. She's so photogenic!!

  14. The sweater is almost as beautiful as the eyes :)

    The light on the mobile is so warm and lovely -- nice shot!

    I love that conglomeration of art!


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